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interior timber door solutions

Experience the Vicaima heartbeat with new video for tomorrow’s world

If music be the food of love, then this new video demonstrates just how deep the love for doors exists and how it plays in perfect harmony with nature. Crafted with sophisticated design and accompanied with a melody that strikes a chord for the future.

As one of the largest European players in the design and production of quality interior timber door solutions, technical doorsets, wardrobes, panels and even furniture; this communication reinforces the Vicaima brand values. With its recognizable signature “Unexpected Harmony”, the video embodies aesthetics and emotional inspiration.

interior timber door solutions

interior timber door solutions

This modern video reiterates the fundamental pillars of the Vicaima brand, taking the audience through varying scenarios and unusual situations, with beauty, safety, comfort and an unpredictable and bold design, capable of projecting with a universal language.

A video with music and imagery that reveals the constant heartbeat of Vicaima.

This audio visual content has enormous significance for Vicaima, as it represents a path, where the future approaches the present and is seen in infinite possibilities, representing continuity and hope, the latter symbolized by childhood, nature and sustainability.

“It is a great pride to present a work with this visual quality and an author’s music that definitely shows the rhythm and beat of what Vicaima is, a company with a futuristic and avant-garde vision, whose creation of trends is in its genesis.

This moment seemed ideal for the launch of this video, which is inspired by such important themes and which register our reality, such as sustainability and concern for well-being and safety anywhere.

Our motto “Unexpected Harmony” is also the basis of this creation, because harmony, combined with the surprise element, are the fundamentals that have projected and elevated us over more than 60 years of evolution ”, says Antonio Moutinho, Director at Vicaima Group.

Staying true to its role of inspiring customers and partners around the world, Vicaima once again highlights its leading position in the field of innovation and creating trends.

Visit the Vicaima website www.vicaima.com. For further inspiration and trend-setting ideas.

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Vicaima is currently one of the biggest European players in the design and production of sophisticated solutions for interior doors, technical doors, frames, wardrobes, panels and furniture parts.

Its positioning is based on the ability to develop integrated and customized solutions, oriented to different sectors, namely housing, hotel, health, education and commercial.

Innovative and trendsetter, Vicaima has a constant concern for sustainability, being the first Portuguese company in the sector to obtain FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification.

Founded in Portugal, it has a direct presence in countries such as the United Kingdom and Spain and exports 95% of its production to markets ranging from Europe to the African continent, passing through the United Arab Emirates and the American continent.