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Reimagining the bedroom space

Reimagining the bedroom space

Update the bedroom into a place of timeless style and beauty with Havwoods and its unrivalled portfolio of engineered and reclaimed wood flooring. For homeowners and interior designers looking to brighten up a small space, experiment with texture or create a warm and inviting sanctuary, there is a wood floor solution to suit bedrooms of all shapes and sizes.

Reimagining the bedroom space

Experiment with decorative patterns

On-trend wood formations including the sought-after herringbone and chevron pattern can help to add character to the bedroom. The perfect solution for classically styled homes wanting to retain their original features or for new-builds wanting to add interest, installing an intricate patterned floor can open up the space and transform the overall look and feel of the room.

Reimagining the bedroom space
Havwoods has a wide range of easy-to-fit flooring solutions to suit a range of bedroom design schemes. Available as a pre-finished block – in a solid or engineered form – complicated designs can be installed with ease, from the traditional looking Henley – made with European Oak – to the beautiful Italian collection, characterised by its narrow boards and textured surface.

Add character with reclaimed wood

For the modern yet rustic home, opt for reclaimed boards from the Relik collection. The highly individual boards are salvaged from age-old wooden structures; each plank is planed, profiled and sanded to create a truly unique wood floor covering. With an array of different shades, choose from the eclectic Creek with its distressed coloured elements to the rich-coloured Barn design.

To complete the look and to create a cohesive yet impactful bedroom space, why not use additional boards to add panelling to the walls, or a sliding-barn door to tie the room together. The extremely versatile planks can also be installed over underfloor heating to provide ultimate comfort and luxury.

Reimagining the bedroom space

When it comes to reclaimed wood, supply and uniformity cannot always be guaranteed. By opting for boards from Havwoods, homeowners can expect a high-level of consistency no matter the size or scale of the project.

Stay on trend with grey

Grey toned wood flooring continues to remain popular in the home, with many homeowners turning to grey décor in the bedroom. A practical choice, the colour complements both warm and cool design schemes allowing for endless design possibilities. With so many shades of grey on offer, customers can choose from the light pared-back tones of PurePlank’s Menton, to the dark and warm hues of Venture Plank in Unity.

Reimagining the bedroom space
A superior collection of easy to install 14mm and 9mm thick boards, the PurePlank collection is available as a one or three strip plank. Recognised for its unrivalled quality and consistency, the collection is often specified in large-scale residential projects. For homeowners looking for a high-performing engineered timber board, the Venture Plank collection encompasses a wide range of exquisite shades. With planks ranging from 12-21mm in thickness, the boards are noted for their outstanding durability, natural appearance and exceptional level of stability.

With an impressive portfolio of solid, engineered and reclaimed wood flooring, Havwoods has over 360 products, available in a variety of patterns, finishes and timber species. With lifelong durability, each wooden board is manufactured to the highest quality to ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish that will blend seamlessly within any home.

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