Specifier Review
AluSplash Splashback

Gracefully Green

Taking inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, the new Forest Green matte finish by AluSplash infuses a rich and earthy ambiance into kitchen spaces.

Part of the Elements range launched in September, the matte finish of Forest Green is inspired by the mossy textured rock surfaces found in Nordic forests. One of the more dramatic colours found in the collection, it contrasts beautifully with soft lighter shades, creating a look that is both modern and stylish.

AluSplash Splashback

Working exquisitely within traditional and contemporary interiors alike, the textured matte panel will assist in adding depth to the surfaces of your home. The splashback couples beautifully with pastel blue shades, modern cabinetry and pops of dark contrasting colour for an effortlessly up-to-the-minute aesthetic. Homeowners can finish off the look with statement accessories and quirky lights for a designer statement that is as sophisticated as it is unique.

AluSplash Splashback

Promising long-lasting functionality, the luxuriously detailed panels are also fire, steam and water-resistant making them suitable for a number of applications. Each panel is also anti-bacterial and easy to install and maintain – resulting in a splashback that not only offers practicality but also embodies the true essence of the elements found in nature, whilst transforming the heart of the home with a refined new finish.