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Grimsthorpe Castle - Outdoor Power Unit

The rise of the power unit!

Several European countries have now opened and closed their borders to British holiday makers, whilst many haven’t and our concerns for the spread of Coronavirus has led many of us to consider a staycation going forward.

New research by Barclays reveals that hospitality and leisure businesses are evolving fast to cater for rising expectations and the needs of different holiday groups. Here are just a few of the findings:

– Three in 10 domestic holidaymakers (31%) plan to spend more holiday time in this country in 2019 than they did in previous years.

– More than half of 25-to-34-year-olds surveyed (52%) plan to increase their UK-based holiday time.

– After convenience, the main reason is positive recent experiences of domestic holidays that people want to repeat. The latter is cited by 21% of those planning extra UK holiday time – suggesting the habit of domestic breaks is being positively reinforced.

– Most hospitality and leisure businesses in every region of the UK have seen rising demand from domestic tourists, with many reporting increased revenue as a result. One in three (31%) has seen revenue rise by over 20% since 2017, whether through higher visitor numbers, providing more services to encourage greater spend, or a mixture of the two.

– Perennial favourites such as the Lake District, Scotland and Cornwall remain most popular, but operators in the North East and the Midlands are seeing the biggest rise in demand.

– Holidaymakers are booking their breaks earlier, a trend noted by 39% of businesses – meaning providers may need to upgrade booking systems to capitalise on this shift.

– Services need to be stepped up to keep pace with rising expectations in some areas, such as the ability to select a room in advance (desirable for 68% of respondents).

Capitalising on the UK’s rich heritage

Heritage sites are, of course, very popular tourist destinations and hold great importance for the cultural aspect of the UK. Each and every site will hold events throughout the year to provide visitors with special reasons to visit, extra information and added services. To provide a source of electricity for outdoor stalls and kiosks for such events is a difficult task for heritage sites and areas of outstanding beauty.

Traditional power sources such as petrol generators are unsightly and cumbersome. They have an obvious detrimental effect on such an attractive cultural or natural site. Having an outdoor power supply that is sensitive to a particular site is essential to preserve its condition and status. Pop Up Power Supplies® offers a range of retractable service units that do just that. They are able to provide a safe and secure outdoor power supply that is crucially sensitive to the local surroundings.

The range of In Ground Power Units, or Flip Lid Units are an extremely safe and reliable option for powering such spaces. Each power unit benefits from a secure lockable lid. This prevents public access increasing safety. Only the cables protrude from the power unit. The cables will be covered by cable protectors which also reduces any hazard.

Pop Up Power Supplies® work closely with some of the UK’s leading contractors, architects and civil engineers, creating bespoke outdoor power solutions and retractable service units for their projects.

To discuss how the range from Pop Up Power Supplies® can transform the potential of your heritage site, please visit www.popuppower.co.uk or call 0208 227 0208.