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Hush Acoustics

System approach helps housebuilders and developers raise acoustic standards

Hush Acoustics’ comprehensive range of systems and products provides housebuilders and developers with a clear route to delivering comfortable, high quality homes that have superior sound control and acoustic insulation that exceeds the requirements of Approved Document E.

Suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects, the Hush range is designed to minimise noise transmission within houses and apartments, as well as from adjoining properties and external sources. This encompasses an extensive choice of systems and individual products capable of tackling any acoustic flooring, sound control, sound reduction or sound insulation challenge in domestic applications.

Developed and refined continuously by Hush over more than 25 years, these solutions enable architects, developers, self-builders and building contractors to go well beyond the inadequate standards defined by the building regulations of all the UK nations, as well as wall and floor constructions approved under Robust Details. The company’s acoustic insulation specialists provide full technical and specification support too, ensuring that the finished property exceeds expectations to maximise homeowner satisfaction.

Hush Acoustics’ system solutions for walls, floors and ceilings provide a dependable acoustic package for maximum control and no risk of product substitution that could undermine performance. These are formed by bringing together individually strong products into a complete assembly, which has then been tested as a full system to meet the required acoustic standard, whether that is to address airborne, impact or flanking transmission.

Hush offers 22 different systems for timber floors, plus a further nine systems designed for concrete floors. For walls there are eight systems, and 30 different options are available to address acoustic and sound issues with ceilings. Each of these has been created to provide a solution for the many different types of construction used in UK homes and meet the target acoustic performance level.

Rob Crampton, MD of Hush Acoustics says: “The acoustic insulation and soundproofing standards set out in our building regulations are woefully inadequate so it is important for house builders and renovators to look beyond this and work to standards that their buyers will really value. But it is also important to provide upgraded acoustic performance that doesn’t compromise other areas, such as in respect of thermal performance and fire safety.

“With the way we’ve designed, tested and packaged our acoustic systems for walls, floors and ceilings, specifying an effective solution is straightforward with no need to spend hours researching and evaluating a combination of products that may or may not work well together. We explain how to achieve the right outcome in our free CPD seminar which is available for architects and specifiers to book now, and delivered virtually through Zoom or any similar platform.”

For architects and contractors who know exactly which sound control or insulating products they need to address a specific issue, Hush Acoustics can also help. It offers the widest range of high performing products ranging from acoustic foam and floating floors, to resilient ceiling and wall bars and flooring battens and supports.

To find out more or book a CPD seminar visit www.hushacoustics.co.uk.

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Hush Acoustics have been involved in the design and manufacturing of sound reducing products for over 30 years making us one of the oldest and most established acoustic specialises in the UK.

Hush Acoustics launched in 1984 in Scotland, which is now considered in the industry as the home of sound insulation. Hush relocated to North West England in 1998 so that the company could establish a nationwide distribution network, covering all areas within the UK. From our facility in Liverpool, we manufacture and distribute our range of acoustic products and systems to all corners of the UK. When possible, we like to get products to site on a next day delivery service. We have opened offices in London and West Yorkshire in order to enable us to cover the UK more easily and offer what we believe to be a unique service.

At Hush Acoustics we have developed an extensive product range to cater for all acoustic applications. This includes our wide range of acoustic flooring, acoustic batten and cradles, acoustic insulation, resilient bar systems, suspended ceiling systems, specialist wall and ceiling boards, flanking strips, absorber panels and much more.

All products and systems have been developed by Hush to achieve or exceed the UK’s minimum requirements for sound transmission in Scotland (Section 5), Northern Ireland (Part G) and England & Wales (Approved document E). This also includes Robust Details solutions, improved acoustic performance for Planning Applications and Building Control Approval, BB93 Acoustics in Schools and BREEAM levels.