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Foresso® - The Timber Terrazzo.

A Sustainable Statement

A new and innovative concept, Havwoods is proud to extend its product offering with the introduction of Foresso® – The Timber Terrazzo.

Taking inspiration from the timeless Italian terrazzo concept, each board has been beautifully crafted with sustainably sourced timber offcuts set in a 0% VOC binder – forming a one-of-a-kind material.

Bringing a fresh take to wood flooring design, the collection has been made in Britain utilising a minimum of 65% waste material, making it an innovative and eco-friendly surface solution for interior design and construction.

Foresso® - The Timber Terrazzo.

Influenced from the aesthetic and rich history of Britain’s capital, homeowners and designers can choose from four on-trend pre-finished boards that are easy to install and can be adjusted on site, like any other Havwoods wood flooring product.

From the beautiful Bianco Mono, a modern wood grain surface that varies between pale yellows and pinks, to the rich walnut tones of Charcoal Mono that differs between dark and pale browns – each design will fit perfectly into place as an eye-catching statement.

Foresso® - The Timber Terrazzo.

Working within all interior types, this exceptional new product is also extremely durable, ensuring longevity and a toughness that will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. The boards are each coated with a hardwax oil that holds an excellent resistance to scratches and stains – providing a versatile and hard-wearing surface that will last for years to come.

With sustainability and innovation now at the forefront of interior design considerations, Havwoods has made it a priority to provide consumers and designers with exceptional wood flooring that will meet all these needs with long-lasting style.

Foresso® - The Timber Terrazzo.

Foresso® - The Timber Terrazzo.

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