National Ventilation Scores a Hat-trick at Middlezoy Rovers FC

National Ventilation Scores a Hat-trick at Middlezoy Rovers FC

National Ventilation, a leading UK-based ventilation manufacturer and supplier, designed and supplied ventilation for the Middlezoy Rovers FC clubhouse.

National Ventilation Scores a Hat-trick at Middlezoy Rovers FC

The Somerset-based project used a mixture of three fans, which were installed by M-Tech (sw) Ltd: Monsoon Zone 1 Silent fans, Monsoon ILF inline centrifugal fans, and Monsoon ACF acoustic inline fan to provide effective ventilation in the function room, WCs, the kitchen, club room and changing rooms.

The new clubhouse replaced an old WW2 building that had previously been used as changing rooms. National Ventilation’s fans have been installed to help reduce the damp commonly associated with the wet areas in changing rooms, as well as eliminating any stale odours. In addition, the ventilation supplied means that the new function room can accommodate 200+ people to be in the room at one time.

“We were happy to offer our free ventilation design service to Middlezoy Rovers FC. As part of the service, we arranged a site visit before designing the system and providing the design, specification and quotation to ensure the club had the right equipment to meet the ventilation needs of the project”, explained Christian Rehn, National Project and Design Manager at National Ventilation. “We work closely with architects and contractors throughout the design process and offer site visits to avoid unnecessary surprises if the building doesn’t quite match the plans.”

Middlezoy Rovers is very pleased with the ventilation design support provided by National Ventilation for the project: “Middlezoy Rovers is very impressed with the design and technical information supplied by National Ventilation. The willingness to offer the free design service, associated with the very competitive costs meant that National Ventilation was always going to win the contract”, said Craig Berry, Middlezoy Rovers FC – Club Treasurer.

Monsoon Zone 1 Silence Fans were installed in the ceiling in the Officials Changing Rooms, the Men’s and Ladies WCs, the Disabled WC and the kitchen, allowing the buildings to benefit from improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and a room free from condensation and mould without having to put up with the annoying drone associated with some extractor fans. Providing high extraction rates combined with low energy use and exceptionally quiet running as low as 22dB(A) the Monsoon Zone 1 Silence Range comes with a long-life ball bearing motor and a silent back draft shutter preventing air travelling back up the duct and into the room. Installation is made simpler and more accurate thanks to an inbuilt spirit level to ensure a straight install, and a larger terminal block to make wiring easier. It’s also suitable for install with longer duct runs.

Meanwhile, the four main changing rooms at Middlezoy Rovers FC were fitted with Monsoon ILF inline centrifugal fans which are high power exhaust ventilation system designed for commercial premises. Suitable for long duct runs and the Monsoon ILF inline centrifugal fans are speed controllable, and moisture resistant to IP44 motor protection rating. The fan features a backwards curved impellor powered by a single-phase motor with external rotor and overheating protection with automatic restart. Built to last, the Monsoon ILF has a motor fitted with ball bearings for a long service life for at least 40,000 hours.

Meanwhile, in the function room Monsoon Acoustic Cabinet Centrifugal (ACF) fans were installed. Ideal for commercial applications which require high air flow but low sound levels, the Monsoon Acoustic Cabinet Centrifugal ACF range features a soundproofed acoustic lined box and galvanized steel casing and impellor. It is fully speed controllable and has a backwards curved centrifugal impellor and motors are equipped with built-in thermal overheating protection with automatic restart. The ACF range has low-noise motor ball bearings and maintenance free fan operation.

National Ventilation’s free design service includes unit calculations, a full kit list as well as recommended duct routes. Using project drawings, National Ventilation’s team uses their specialist knowledge of the equipment coupled with software programmes to specify the correctly sized ventilation unit and the correct type and lengths of ducting – whilst ensuring it meets Building Regulations. National Ventilation’s project managers will then carry out a free pre-order site visit to ensure the design will perform as intended. This visit avoids any issues and is a great trouble shooting exercise.

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National Ventilation is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of ventilation solutions. It has one of the biggest and most diverse range of ventilation products in the UK specialising in innovative, energy-saving ventilation products that can accommodate domestic, commercial and industrial applications. National Ventilation also offers a free design service through its dedicated expert design team that can provide full ventilation designs and site visits, as well as offering training on fans and systems.

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