Delivering outdoor power at Kensington Palace’s famous Sunken Garden

Delivering outdoor power at Kensington Palace’s famous Sunken Garden

Slim IGU in-ground power units from Pop Up Power Supplies® have been specified and installed as part of the recent high profile project to redesign Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden to coincide with the unveiling of a commemorative statue of Diana, Princess of Wales and her two sons.

The internationally renowned royal palace and gardens are amongst London’s most popular tourist attractions with an estimated 650,000 visitors every year according to the latest available data (2017/18). This year its popularity has been boosted even further, with the launch of the redesigned Sunken Garden attracting global media interest given its unique place in the hearts of Prince Harry and his late mother.

In order to facilitate increased footfall, the visitor facilities have been improved with additional resources for outdoor catering stalls. These have been arranged in the most aesthetically sensitive way but installing a power infrastructure that runs underground to where food stalls are situated, at which point authorised access is provided via in-ground units supplied by Pop Up Power Supplies.

The Slim IGUs chosen for Kensington Palace Gardens are amongst the most popular of all the on-demand power units available from Pop Up Power Supplies. The 570mm x 386mm unit is submerged into the ground and accessed via a flip-lid, allowing users to connect power leads safely and securely when they need to.

As the IGUs are designed to provide power to users with the flip-lid locked down, they can provide round-the-clock power for days, weeks or even months on end with confidence. This minimises the potential for damage owing to vandalism and harsh weather conditions as only the power cables protrude – these are as short as they possibly can be and when covered with cable protectors they present no significant trip hazard.

Robust and durable, Slim IGUs are configured to suit every project in either single phase or three phase options with a combination of 16 Amp and 32 Amp sockets included as standard. Their recessed lids are designed to accept paving or any other infill to blend in seamlessly with surrounding area, and they are suitable for use in areas with light vehicle traffic, tested to EN124 B125 load classification.

The Slim IGU is one of several in-ground power units in the Pop Up Power Supplies range. Larger units are available which allow for more socket connections, including access to water, data and telephone connection, and they can be installed in HGV areas too.

And in addition to in-ground units, Pop Up Power Supplies also offers a wide range of retractable, pop up power units and power bollards. Both offer outdoor access to power safely and securely in different formats to suit the application, its design intent and the anticipated usage.

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