Aquobex partners with pan-European company to develop sustainable flood barrier solution

Aquobex partners with pan-European company to develop sustainable flood barrier solution

Aquobex, a specialist in designing and engineering flood protection solutions, has negotiated the exclusive rights to develop and globally distribute the first lightweight, compact, and simple-to-use flood barrier solution that is over 99% sustainable.

Pan-European company HydroGuard has granted Aquobex the rights to develop and distribute its flood defence system that fits all standard door types and sizes with its patented sliding technology.

In the UK alone, 5.2 million homes are at risk of flooding and the average damage to each property is £25,000. Solutions such as sandbags are inadequate because they are unsanitary and not reusable. When a flood situation does arise, homeowners encounter inconvenience and uncertainty. Existing flood barriers can be expensive, cumbersome and require a degree of planning or prior installation enabling works.

“As our built environment develops in a rapidly changing climate, we want to ensure that people have access to an affordable, one-size-fits-all flood barrier option to help protect their homes from the calamities of flooding,” says John Alexander, Managing Director of Aquobex.

“Flooding is becoming more and more frequent as we have seen multiple times this summer,” says Hannes Floto, Co-founder of HydroGuard and ex-managing director of Makro Cash & Carry, UK.

“From my own experience of having been repeatedly flooded and finding that existing solutions were either inadequate or totally impractical, I realised there was a need for a flood barrier that was practical, effective and fit for purpose. Rather than having to repeatedly invest in flood prevention measures, HydroGuard can be easily and quickly deployed whenever people are concerned about their properties being flooded.”

About Aquobex 

Aquobex is a global leading specialist in designing and engineering world-class flood protection solutions for homes and businesses. Its research-led approach is based on a deep understanding of how our built environment is developing in a rapidly changing climate. With a combined experience spanning over 50 years in the industry, Aquobex pioneers new approaches to flood management solutions from property level resilience to strategic city planning and is recognised by the Government and insurance industry and relied upon by organisations across the globe. Its product range carries the current BSI Kitemark PAS1188 certification.

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