Pinnacle LED the Way for Swindon Schools

Pinnacle LED the Way for Swindon Schools

PINNACLE GROUP, a leading national facilities management (FM) provider, is proud to be working with seven schools in Swindon to reduce energy consumption by an estimated 60% – 80% per annum by switching to LED lightbulbs.

The energy efficient lighting replacement initiative is part of Pinnacle’s commitment to improve sustainability and deliver long term value for the school buildings managed by its local FM team.

So far, over 6,000 light fittings have been replaced with state-of-the-art LED lighting as part of this energy saving project. Working with lighting specialists WILA, who have partnered with Pinnacle to install the LED bulbs in the schools over the past six months, it is predicted that around 260 tonnes of CO2 will be saved every year across the seven schools.

Pinnacle LED the Way for Swindon Schools

Furthermore, based on the energy consumption savings and the capital cost of replacing the fittings, it is estimated that the project would have paid for itself in under four years. The schools that have benefited from the project include Abbey Park School, Red Oaks School, Uplands School, Brimble Hill School, Nova Hreod School, Orchid Vale School and Moredon School – all of which are primary, secondary, or Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools.

Paul Dewberry, Regional Operations Manager at Pinnacle Group, said: “Pinnacle consistently strives to enhance the energy efficiency of the buildings that we maintain. This project proves that a small but significant change can be both environmentally friendly and cost effective, which is paramount when working towards a more sustainable future.”

Jon Grzbiela, Business Development at WILA, said: “WILA was delighted to be appointed to upgrade the lighting for seven schools across Swindon. We fulfilled this by replacing T5+T8 lamps with LED solutions, upgrading 6,000 luminaires in total. We took responsibility for supply, installation and commissioning of the lighting, as well as partnering with Lumicom to ensure disused luminaires, batteries and lamps were recycled.

“The new luminaires are now running at 80% and have been integrated into the onsite DALI control system. WILA have delivered further energy savings by customising the control system to dim the luminaires by the windows and reduce Passive Infared (PIR) time.”

Pinnacle is a leading FM provider for the education sector and is currently serving 220 schools, academies and universities. Pinnacle plans to roll out similar projects, in the near future, to significantly reduce energy consumption across a wide range of buildings and facilities. This forms part of Pinnacle’s recently launched ESG Framework which has been developed to make a positive difference to the communities Pinnacle supports.

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