Vent-Axia Provides Ventilation for Giving Back Crawley’s HQ Refurbishment

Vent-Axia Provides Ventilation for Giving Back Crawley’s HQ Refurbishment

Leading British ventilation manufacturer, Vent-Axia, has donated ventilation units to local charity, Giving Back Crawley, as part of the refurbishment of its new base.

A small charity that serves the local homeless community, Giving Back Crawley found a permanent place to operate from, including preparing and cooking hot meals, but the building needed a complete refurbishment following water damage. Vent-Axia supported this great cause with ventilation to help make the place a suitable home for the charity.

Vent-Axia was more than happy to help Giving Back Crawley. One of the company’s members of staff Linda Dawson regularly volunteers at the charity so was able to give a first-hand account of all the good work the charity does with helping the homeless in Crawley.

Cooking and delivering over 100,000 meals in the last 18 months to those who need them most, Giving Back Crawley serves the homeless community in Crawley, West Sussex and is entirely run by volunteers.

As well as serving their guests free meals, the charity provides the essential items they need to get by such as clothing, bedding and wellbeing items. Giving Back Crawley’s new base also allows them to run a free grocery shop and host regular health checks with paramedics.

To provide effective ventilation for the Giving Back Crawley base, Vent-Axia donated two T-Series roof ventilation models that were installed in the kitchen and servery area. These units will allow for extract ventilation from the kitchen and supply or extract from the servery area.

Meanwhile, for the laundry area Vent-Axia supplied a HR200WK heat recovery ventilation, which was installed with a Vent-Axia Ecotronic Humidity sensor to help deal with any humidity issues that may lead to condensation and mould. Finally, Solo Pro extractor fans with timers were installed in the toilets.

We would like to thank Vent-Axia for donating the ventilation for our building. The building needed a complete refurbishment following water damage and so we are very grateful to all the companies in our community that have rallied together to help us so that we can cook for the homeless community in Crawley,” said Joe Dines, chairperson at Giving Back Crawley.

“We are delighted to be able help this fantastic local charity create a permanent base from which to provide hot meals and a variety of support to the local people who need their help”, said Lena Hebestreit, Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia.

“We’ve supplied a range of ventilation units that have been installed throughout the building to combat condensation and mould and help ensure good indoor air quality. Not only will this help protect the building itself for the future, it will also ensure that both the volunteers and their guests are benefitting from a healthy indoor environment.”

Vent-Axia Provides Ventilation for Giving Back Crawley’s HQ Refurbishment

Installed in the kitchen and servery area, the T-Series roof model has a low-profile cowl and is suitable for installation in horizontal, angled and vertical glass and for fixing plates in roofs.

Known for its robustness and quality, the T-Series’ high-quality design has stood the test of time and has evolved with new and improved motors, impellers and grilles.

With extract/intake models available in 4 sizes from 6 to 12 inches, the T-Series features a unique speed control pack which enables high, medium or low speed to be pre-set to suit room size or required duty.

A patented electronic shutter system ensures quiet, trouble-free operation while the T-Series controllers and sensors save energy by only switching on the units when needed, either manually or automatically.

With energy saving in mind, T-Series Fitting Kits are supplied complete with an integral instantaneous automatic louvre shutter concealed behind the interior grille. It will operate on both intake and extract and at any angle of mounting.

Meanwhile, the HR200WK single room heat recovery ventilation unit offers up to 75% heat recovery and features a three speed, external rotor motor that has two matched impellers to ensure a controlled airflow through the unit, with exceptionally economical 25Watt low speed power consumption.

Ideal for installation in the charity’s laundry, the unit removes odours and extracts airborne impurities such as dust, dirt and grease, replacing it with fresh, warmed air.

The energy-saving, compact and self-contained unit controls condensation, is low noise, offers easy installation and is designed for through-the-wall mounting. The HR200WK’s highly efficient, polymeric heat exchanger cube is also washable.

Ideal for internal bathrooms, toilets and other small rooms, the Vent-Axia Solo Pro range of 100mm high performance centrifugal extract fan is suitable for wall, ceiling, panel and window mounting. Installed in the charity’s toilets the updated range offers improved aesthetics, sound and installation.

The range has been specifically designed for effective ducted ventilation and can also be used with flat ducting for shorter concealed runs. With single speed and overrun timer models available, the Solo Pro range also features a SELV option for installation over or within reach of a shower or bath.

Giving Back Crawley has been receiving donations and help from across the local construction community so that the charity can provide its very necessary services to the homeless in Crawley. To find out more about the charity visit

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Vent-Axia Provides Ventilation for Giving Back Crawley’s HQ Refurbishment