Domus Ventilation Releases Three RIBA Accredited CPD Courses on Residential Ventilation

Domus Ventilation Releases Three RIBA Accredited CPD Courses on Residential Ventilation

Domus Ventilation has released three RIBA accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses on residential ventilation. The courses are designed to improve architects’ understanding of ventilation in residential new builds.  

Each RIBA accredited CPD covers the basic principles of ventilation and why it is so important to provide adequate ventilation in modern energy efficient homes, not only for the health of the occupants but also for the fabric of the building. From here, the CPDs take different paths: the first addresses recent changes to Part F – Ventilation of the Building Regulations; the second looks at Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system design; whilst the third focuses on how to successfully integrate mechanical ventilation into a project.

Domus Ventilation’s ‘Residential Ventilation Principles & Building Regulations’ CPD lays clear the considerable changes to Part F – Ventilation of the Building Regulations. The course covers the types of ventilation available, along with supporting ductwork and installation practices, in relation to the pertinent regulations / directives. New MVHR guidelines and best practice also feature within the course, along with Part B – Fire Safety and the use of combustible material in cavities. 

‘MVHR Ventilation Design & Best Practice’ takes an in-depth look at how to design an MVHR system and best practice based on real world ‘dos and don’ts’ examples. This detailed course covers air flow rates for different types of properties; sizing & selecting of ductwork; how to ensure the correct MVHR unit size is used and where to site it; minimising noise; and the importance of good system design for energy efficiency. Installation & Commissioning are also addressed. The course includes a range of MVHR system drawings to help illustrate best practice, along with common mistakes to avoid.

The ‘Integrating – MVHR & MEV Systems into Dwellings’ presentation focuses on typical ventilation planning conditions placed on developments and strategies available to discharge them. The regulations surrounding ventilation and ventilation systems are an important part of this CPD course, but the main focus is placed on MVHR and MEV systems as they are the systems used in most developments now and in the future. The presentation provides a comparison of the systems and looks at the finer details for integrating them into a build, enabling you to select the most appropriate system for your project.

The three RIBA accredited CPD courses have been written by the Domus Ventilation Specification team, using their breadth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the residential ventilation sector.

The Domus Ventilation RIBA accredited CPD courses, each of which runs for a maximum of one hour, can be conducted on a customer’s premises or at one of Domus Ventilation’s two training centres.  

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