City Multi Hybrid VRF - The Modern Alternative

City Multi Hybrid VRF – The Modern Alternative

As F-gas regulations become tighter, designing an efficient and effective air conditioning system is becoming more complex. The need for a cost-effective system with a low carbon footprint, alongside greater occupant comfort and safety is now a key priority for property owners and developers.

City Multi Hybrid VRF - The Modern Alternative

Our award-winning City Multi Hybrid VRF system, is the modern alternative to traditional heating and cooling methods. Hybrid VRF is a totally unique 2-pipe heat recovery VRF system, whereby the outdoor unit is connected to a Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC) and water pipework is used between the HBC and indoor units. You can install and design it as VRF, whilst enjoying the features of a Chiller system.

Since its launch, the City Multi Hybrid VRF has set new standards for air conditioning. The system is especially popular in the hotel sector where its combination of high levels of comfort control, with the avoidance of leak detection equipment in occupied spaces, enable it to both comply with BS EN 378 and meet the needs of hotel operators.

City Multi Hybrid VRF - The Modern Alternative

Meeting the Needs of Buildings

For the hotel sector, not requiring leak detection in occupied spaces has a huge cost reduction for both the developer and the hotel operator. Guests also value the extremely comfortable and stable air temperature control.

Whilst experiencing high demand in the hotel sector, we have seen an equally strong demand from offices that need to future proof their buildings to allow quick turnarounds on Cat A to Cat B fit-outs.

With our HVRF system, when it comes to this type of scenario, there is no requirement to de-gas the system (remove the refrigerant), as refrigerant is only present between the outdoor unit and the Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC).

The pipework to the indoor units only carries water, requiring no hot works and making the installation process more cost-effective and time efficient.

City Multi Hybrid VRF - The Modern Alternative

Multiple Applications

There is a very wide range of applications that can benefit from Hybrid VRF – from schools, hotels and offices, to shopping centres, high-rise buildings, medical centres and care homes.

Take, for example, educational establishments – with a Hybrid VRF system you can help meet sustainability criteria, with HVRF using lower GWP R32 refrigerant and heat recovery also being up to 30% more efficient than a heat pump system.

For medical centres keeping the refrigerant out of the occupied space, and at the same time providing a comfortable room temperature, is seen as a key priority. And for mixed-use retail applications, the Hybrid VRF can easily gain CSR points as it is able to provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

City Multi Hybrid VRF - The Modern Alternative