Specifying durability and longevity in outdoor power distribution units

Specifying durability and longevity in outdoor power distribution units

Any products designed to be used in external environments should be able to stand the test of time and cope with the demands of extreme weather conditions – from sub-zero temperatures and heavy rainfall to hot sunshine.

Nowhere is this more important than for outdoor power distribution units, which must be constructed and installed in a way that protects the electrical components within, so they remain fully operational as and when they are required. And the materials used will also determine the power unit’s design life – how long it is expected to remain fully operational before a replacement is needed.

Many locations where a power supply is required will not be sheltered from the elements, such as in parks, the grounds of historic buildings or market places, so they are particularly susceptible to water ingress and corrosion of metal elements due to constant exposure to moisture. Despite these challenges, site users and managers will expect the power units to work when they are needed, such as for powering temporary food and drinks stalls, stages for outdoor music performances or digital signage.

Specifying durability and longevity in outdoor power distribution units

Specifying in ground, pop up and power bollard units from Pop Up Power Supplies® provides assurance that durability and longevity goals can be achieved. They are manufactured using AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel, cast iron and concrete to create strong, hardwearing units. These materials, in combination with high quality manufacture, not only help to protect against unauthorised forced access but also the effects of long term outdoor exposure to environmental conditions.

Inside the power units, the electrical equipment installed has an IP67 rating. This means the equipment is totally protected against dust and the effects of temporary immersion in water between 15cm and 1m, tested for a duration of 30 minutes.

The external appearance of the power units is important too, given that they are often used in historically sensitive locations as well as high profile new city centre developments. Pop up power units are finished in a durable epoxy-polyester powder coating, with a lid manufactured using either stainless steel or cast iron, depending on the site requirements.

Power bollards are manufactured  using stainless steel, with two grades available to cater for even the most demanding environments, with a casing plate thickness of 2mm, which can be painted in any RAL colour.

In-ground units are designed to be hidden, integrating seamlessly into landscapes and outdoor surfaces of all kinds. It is important to note, however, that durability of the lids is a key factor for this type of power unit, which is why Pop Up Power Supplies® in-ground units feature either a stainless steel or cast iron lid for long term corrosion resistance and structural integrity.

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