A stunning look inside and out for Leamington Spa home renovation

When the Kandola family embarked on the renovation of their late Victorian semi-detached property in Royal Leamington Spa, they were keen to incorporate high quality materials throughout.

A stunning look inside and out for Leamington Spa home renovation

While the property is not listed, the site lies within the boundary of the Royal Leamington Spa Conservation Area, and as such, consideration also needed to be given to ensure that any works would be sympathetic to the original detailing of the surrounding properties.

The Kandola property, along with its immediate neighbours are fabulous examples of imposing three storey buildings, displaying traditional red brick detailing, and stained-glass windows, which originate from the local church when it was demolished in the late 19th Century.

The property has an abundance of decorative features such as intricately detailed stone surrounds, cills and lintels around every window, tile hung cladding on front facing gables, arched brick detailing above doorways and other fenestration and stone balustrading.

A stunning look inside and out for Leamington Spa home renovation

In addition to a number of internal alterations, the principal refurbishment included the partial demolition and re-building of the single storey extension at the rear of the property, together with the creation of a dormer on a side facing roof slope. The works also included the modification and extension of a previous WC, which now forms an extended family room with a new Stella flat roof window above.

A stunning look inside and out for Leamington Spa home renovation

The re-build has completely transformed the space into a stunning new kitchen / dining space, with three large bi-fold doors spanning the length and breadth of the room.

Two stunning bespoke made conservation Stella rooflights flood the room with light from above, finishing off what is now a light, bright and welcoming space.

Externally the Stella rooflights sit flush with in the roofline, offering a thin profile and maximising the glass to frame ratio. The high quality 316L stainless steel construction ensures that they will never rust and will grace the building for decades to come. Each rooflight, measuring 2050mm (w) x 1500mm incorporates two genuine glazing bars offering additional strength, while also satisfying the local Conservation Officer and achieving the authentic Victorian look required.

Both rooflights were designed to electronically open using high performance chain drives, which are concealed within the American ash hard wood liner, adding a pleasing internal finish. The rooflights are operated using a wall switch, however, also include rain and wind sensors, which automatically close the roof windows if left unattended in adverse weather conditions.

A stunning look inside and out for Leamington Spa home renovation

A stunning look inside and out for Leamington Spa home renovation

The high specification, solar controlled and self-clean double glazing units help to keep any solar gain and damaging UV at bay, while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Homeowner, Jo Kandola, said: “I spoke to a few companies who told me that they could potentially deliver what I wanted, but it wasn’t until I spoke with Paul at Stella Rooflight that I felt comfortable. He really understood what we were trying to achieve and was extremely knowledgeable about the options available to us. I was filled with confidence that they could deliver a product that would meet my high expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed.

“The rooflights look stunning and we are really pleased with the end result. We are so delighted with the new space that we actually use it as our main living area – it really has become the hub of our home, it just feels like such a nice space to be in and without sounding over dramatic, it almost looks like a cathedral at times the way the light floods into the space from above.”

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