Examples of how power units can add new purpose to outdoor spaces

Connecting the outdoor environment

Outdoor public spaces are more ‘connected’ than ever. EV charging points are being installed to support the electric car revolution, public WIFI zones are commonplace and digital information and signage features across the public realm, making it more convenient and fit for 21st century lifestyles.

With the added functionality that we can now expect when we are outside in areas such as town centres, parks and gardens, tourist attractions and retail parks, comes greater flexibility in how these spaces can be used by site owners and managers.

And here is where great opportunities lie. Leveraging the value of these land assets can be achieved by using outdoor public areas for revenue-generating events, additional production or sales areas or simply to extend indoor facilities, such as by providing additional dining areas outside a café or bar.

When considering a site’s potential, however, a key part of the connectivity infrastructure should be providing power sockets which can be used on-demand. Having power distribution units strategically located across the space will enable temporary events to plugged-in as required – that could be to provide the electricity needed for a sound system and lighting for a music stage, a market stall, food kiosk or numerous other purposes.

A permanent power solution to use on-demand

Examples of how power units can add new purpose to outdoor spaces

Power ‘on-demand’ can, of course, be provided by hiring temporary generators. But these can be noisy, expensive to run and look unsightly. An altogether better approach is to permanently install power distribution units from the Pop Up Power Supplies® range which are either hidden until they are needed or blend seamlessly into the surroundings.

With an in-ground, pop-up or bollard power unit installed in an outdoor space, the site is equipped 365 days a year for events. No need to plan weeks ahead for generators or think about additional risks such as lengthy trailing cables. Providing the power unit is installed in a convenient position, i.e. close to where you might set up event equipment, the site’s practicality is transformed for easy set-up and take-down.

In-ground or pop-up power units are virtually unnoticeable when not in use which can be extremely important in sensitive locations. They can even be specified with a recessed lid to allow the top to be matched to surrounding surfaces such as grass, paving or tarmac. A power bollard is not hidden in the ground but instead is designed to look like an elegant piece of street furniture that integrates sympathetically into the site.

Examples of how power units can add new purpose to outdoor spaces

Examples of how power units can add new purpose to outdoor spaces

To illustrate how the range of power units from Pop Up Power Supplies® can be used, here are three examples of outdoor spaces that can be enhanced by a power infrastructure:

  1. Courtyard outside a café – adding a retractable power unit here would enable lighting and music to be provided, enhancing the customer experience and enabling the tables to be used at dusk and in winter months. The unit can be easily raised and lowered to be locked away when the tables are taken away.
  2. Lawned areas outside an historic visitor attraction – adding an in-ground power unit would preserve the appearance of the site but enable the space to be used for stages or outside catering for special events.
  3. Pedestrianised street in a town centre – adding power bollards along the street would allow the space to be used for market stalls, food kiosks or creative arts using digital screens.

Explore the Pop Up Power Supplies® range

Every in-ground, pop up or bollard unit is made to order which means it can be configured to meet the site requirements and its anticipated usage. Full design, specification and installation can be provided and every unit is manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure maximum durability and lifetime performance.

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