A New Standard in Luxury Living in Belgravia

A New Standard in Luxury Living in Belgravia

Chelsea Barracks Phase 1 and 2 is a historic collaboration between planners and architects to create a new standard of luxury living in Belgravia, London’s most desirable neighbourhood. This development of luxury town houses, apartments and duplex penthouses sits on some of the most expensive real estate in the world and occupies an unrivalled location in the Capital.

A New Standard in Luxury Living in Belgravia

The development as a whole is set in a newly created public space adjacent to the historic Garrison Chapel and Phase 3a includes a centrepiece restaurant, delicatessen and an exclusive mews house.

This latest phase was designed by Architect Ben Pentreath in collaboration with William Smalley; the latter being known for his use of simple, quality materials and his understanding of craft combined with understated luxury.

There was a major technical challenge of how to marry modern building regulations with complex hand laid brickwork. This was a central consideration to the design. As well as the importance of aesthetics, a further prime objective by the Architects was that no movement joints should be visible.

Several trials were conducted using a scaled-down construction model to determine if the dome would support itself and once this was proven, EcoRight trialled a number of colours to provide the required subtle, blended finish to the facades.

An extensive process of detailing the position of each brick in the arches and cupolas was required. The chosen brick was Cambridgeshire Weathered Buff, selected for its light tones and rich texture.

A New Standard in Luxury Living in Belgravia

Matching lime mortar gives a subtle, blended finish to the facades. EcoRight Eco 350 natural hydraulic lime mortar provided the solution and was the preferred choice in colour and aesthetics.

The brickwork was described by Marion Baeli; partner at developers PDP London as a “tour de force’ of technical performance and design precision”.

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Project name: Chelsea Barracks Phase 3

Project size: A multi-billion pound development of luxury dwellings.

Project scope: EcoRight was invited to provide mortar solutions in the domed un-supported arches without the need for movement joints.

Project details: New build with complex hand-laid brickwork. Chosen brick Cambridgeshire Weathered Buff. EcoRight matched lime mortar to give a subtle, blended finish.

Architects: Squire & Partners, Ben Pentreath/William Smalley

Contractors: Lesterose/Mace

Lime mortar is highly aesthetic and can be exact colour-matched to bricks or other adjacent materials making it a good choice for conservation or new build.