National Ventilation Designs and Supplies Ventilation to London Landmark, The Golden Hinde

National Ventilation Shortlisted in H&V News Awards with The Golden Hinde Project

National Ventilation, a leading UK-based ventilation manufacturer and supplier, is delighted to announce that is has been shortlisted in the prestigious H&V New Awards 2022.

The landmark Golden Hinde project, which benefits from a ventilation system designed and supplied by National Ventilation, has been named as a finalist in the HVAC Project of the Year (under £0.5 million) category.

The H&V News Awards have been celebrating the achievements of the HVAC industry for almost 30 years and identifies the most forward-thinking, innovative and customer-focused businesses in the industry. Winners will be announced at a ceremony on the 24th November 2022 at the London Hilton Metropole, where representatives covering the entire HVAC supply chain, including manufacturers, contractors, consultants, installers and their customers will gather to celebrate the best in the industry.

National Ventilation designed and supplied a ventilation system for the Golden Hinde, a full-size reconstruction of the English galleon captained by Sir Francis Drake on his circumnavigation of the globe between 1577-1580. The ship is undergoing a major refit utilising traditional materials and methods, modern ventilation was installed to control humidity levels and provide a safe, healthy environment for the visiting public.

Ventilation design was crucial to this unique project and so National Ventilation’s design team worked closely with the Golden Hinde’s Lead Shipwright, Toby Millinder. Combining National Ventilation’s expertise in ventilation with Toby’s in-depth knowledge of the ship ensured an effective, practical ventilation system that would achieve a good level of ventilation. National Ventilation’s design service included two site visits to the London landmark to make sure the design would work in the space. The system was expertly specified to achieve the necessary air changes per hour to provide a safe environment for the public and physically work within the existing structure.

“We are thrilled that this project has been shortlisted at such important industry awards. Our work with The Golden Hinde is a fantastic example of a manufacturer working closely with a customer, combining expertise, to produce a truly successful outcome”, said Andy Bills, National Ventilation’s Specification Manager, South East Region. “We were able to specify our equipment to fit in the small spaces of the ship whilst remaining hidden to achieve the required air changes and in the end the design exceeded the expected air changes by 25%. Our free design service is available to anyone requiring assistance in designing ventilation systems and specifying the correct equipment.”

“I am delighted that this unique project is gaining the industry recognition it deserves – National Ventilation has really gone the extra mile to make it a success”, said Toby Millinder, Lead Shipwright at the Golden Hinde. “Myself and the team at National Ventilation worked together on the design to make it work and as a result of this, we achieved exactly what we wanted.”

With the ventilation design National Ventilation specified heat recovery ventilation. However, due to space restrictions it was necessary to specify two Monsoon HRU/ECO150EC mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units. National Ventilation commissioned and balanced the system, making it safe for the public. Two inline heaters were also part of the specification, with National Ventilation supplying one heater for each MVHR unit, to provide comfort heating for visitors to the ship.

National Ventilation’s design service went the extra mile for this unique project. Ductwork is generally run-in straight lines – but a ship is not straight, it is curved. Therefore, a ductwork solution was needed that was small in size and could accommodate the necessary bends on the ship. For that reason, the Monsoon radial ducting was specified. Radial ducting was the perfect solution as it can accommodate all the bends and it can be pulled through spaces without tearing. The 75mm radial ducting runs between the ceiling planking (the inner planking on the inside of the hull) and the hull planking, therefore all the ductwork is hidden. The fact that it is also antimicrobial was an added bonus.

Outlets for the ventilation grilles would not have fitted with the aesthetics of the ship. To allow the outlets to fit with the ship eight holes of 80mm were made each side of the ship as air outlets. These holes resemble scuppers, where water escapes from the deck, so fitted with the overall aesthetics of the ship.

National Ventilation’s design team ensures customers receive the service they deserve. Customers can easily upload the architect’s drawings and National Ventilation will then provide a free ventilation design that includes unit calculations, a full kit list, as well as recommended duct routes. Using project drawings, National Ventilation’s team uses their specialist knowledge of the equipment coupled with software programmes to specify the correctly sized ventilation unit and the correct type and lengths of ducting – whilst ensuring it meets Building Regulations. This is followed up where necessary by a free pre-order site visit to ensure the design will perform as intended: although a design may appear correct on paper, it is vital to ensure a design works on site. This visit avoids any issues and is a great trouble shooting exercise. Architects, developers and builders will also be able to access a comprehensive range of products to meet their needs, all of which are delivered to site when they are needed.

Specialising in innovative, energy saving solutions, National Ventilation has one of the largest ranges of ventilation products in the UK. For further information on all products and services offered by National Ventilation telephone 01823 690 290 or visit For further information on the Golden Hinde visit:

National Ventilation Shortlisted in H&V News Awards with The Golden Hinde Project