Concrete scanning offers a fast and reliable way to identify issues within concrete buildings and structures.

Worried About the Concrete in Your Home? The Experts Recommend Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning offers a fast and reliable way to identify issues within concrete buildings and structures. One leading structural engineering firm suggests that it’s essential for anyone responsible for concrete structures to ensure their structural integrity. 

Structural issues in concrete building and structures can be costly and complex to fix, especially when they are left unattended for too long. Concrete in particular is a material that can deteriorate over time as the concrete becomes porous and air and moisture penetrate the concrete and the reinforcement within it corrodes and rust which can result in structural failure.

Using industry-leading techniques, Structural Repairs is able to non-intrusively penetrate your concrete structure using technology ground penetrating radar (GPR), and ultra scanning equipment. The equipment is able to plot the reinforcement within the concrete, it can determine the size of the reinforcement bars and the depth of concrete cover over them. And now the technological advance can determine whether the reinforcement is corroded within the concrete without it being exposed and determine the speed of corrosion. Using these tools allows the experts to understand what’s going on underneath the concrete surface and identify if there are any issues that potentially need to be fixed.

Once they have detected any issues, Structural Repairs is able to advise on the best solution to fix your concrete – extending the life of the building or structure and preventing potential failures which could prevent loss of life.

The Morandi bridge collapse in 2018 and the Surfside Condo collapse were the result of concrete failure leading to the tragic loss of life of in excess of 140 people.

“Concrete scanning is an effective and reliable way to discover if there are any issues within the concrete, even if they aren’t noticeable above the surface. The structural integrity of the concrete used in buildings and structures is important and, if there are any potential issues, they should be identified as soon as possible to avoid any further damage being caused. We recommend concrete scanning to anyone who is concerned about concrete on their property as a quick and efficient solution,” explains Structural Repairs.

The team of experienced engineers at Structural Repairs is able to carry out a range of services for those responsible for the maintenance of buildings and structures. From crack stitching and concrete repair to concrete levelling and storm damage repair, they offer a fully comprehensive solution to any structural issues.

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