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Better Air Quality with Less Environmental Impact

Better Air Quality with Less Environmental Impact

The launch of Mitsubishi Electric’s WizardX-G07 E-OU Air Handling Unit (AHU) offers all the features of the original product, with the addition of utilising lower GWP R32 refrigerant, helping to make a significant contribution to minimising environmental impact.

The Climaveneta WizardX AHUs utilise a combination of Mr Slim R32 Power Inverter heat pump technology, energy efficient thermal wheel heat recovery technology and have an integrated controls system, making them highly advanced, efficient and easy to install and commission.

The WizardX is a highly advanced packaged AHU, available in seven sizes, with an air volume range of between 0.56 m3/s to 5.56 m3/s. Each WizardX unit comes with a minimum of two outdoor units, enabling lower turndown capacities to minimise cycling and provide more capacity steps, in-built backup and rotation, and better defrost management.

Better Air Quality with Less Environmental Impact

For a full overview, watch the introductory video on the key features and benefits of the WizardX-G07 E-OU.

For full product information, download the product information sheet.

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