New Ecodan Hydrodan Webpage

New Ecodan Hydrodan Webpage

Mitsubishi Electric is committed to the challenge of reducing energy consumption in buildings. To combat climate change we need comfortable, productive, and healthy indoor environments, using more efficient and less carbon-intensive solutions.

Multi-residential buildings are renowned for overheating and heating inefficiencies. Our response to this problem is our specifically designed Ecodan Hydrodan which connects to a 5th generation ambient temperature heat network deployed throughout the building. Within each apartment, an Ecodan Hydrodan heat pump then uses this heat and upgrades it to a usable temperature for heating and/or to provide domestic hot water.

To explain the solution in a customer-friendly format we have launched a new webpage for Ecodan Hydrodan. Via an interactive animation, the site highlights the benefits of a 5th generation heat network and how it reduces overheating and enables heat recovery from cooling plant on the network to reduce primary energy consumption. It also demonstrates how the Ecodan Hydrodan and our other heat pump products can operate together to provide a complete solution for multi-residential buildings.

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