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Introducing the New MEHP-iS-G07 Air Source Heat Pump

Introducing the New MEHP-iS-G07 Air Source Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Electric’s wide range of energy-saving, and innovative Commercial Heat Pumps had another new addition last month, the MEHP-iS-G07. Manufactured to the highest quality, with a compact design and modular expansion capabilities, it is suitable for many different applications, from comfort to industrial applications.

Introducing the New MEHP-iS-G07 Air Source Heat Pump

Utilising highly efficient R32 refrigerant that is easy to recycle and offers 66% lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than R410A, the new reversible heat pumps are designed to match mission-critical application requirements and perform at the highest efficiency levels, helping individuals and businesses reduce the energy bill of their HVAC system.

The MEHP-iS-G07 offers exceptional performance at part load operating conditions, offers the best-in-class noise levels and is compact in its design. Producing hot water up to 65°C, it can do this at outdoor temperatures down to -20°C ambient. And with ‘plug & play’ options for factory fitted pumps and buffer vessel, alongside a new smart co-ordinated defrost feature, the MEHP-iS-G07 makes a significant contribution to minimising environmental impact.

The range comprises seven sizes, developed within three compact modules to fit any thermal load requirement up to 110kW. Through an optional twin module configuration, this can be further extended up to 220kW. Using a non-integrated controller, such as the Manager 3000+, this then allows up to 8 units to be controlled as a single group up to 880kW, optimising load distribution, alarm management and back-up / standby.

Introducing the New MEHP-iS-G07 Air Source Heat PumpIntroducing the New MEHP-iS-G07 Air Source Heat Pump

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