The Benefits of Lime Render


Lime render is a natural product that creates a durable and breathable surface for both domestic and commercial buildings. The product is made from lime, sand and water. The mix of these ingredients makes it suitable for both external and internal walls.

Lime render is defined as the first coat of lime plaster. It can be applied to external and internal surfaces and is typically applied to stone or brick buildings.

Fun fact.  Lime renders are also known for containing animal hairs used in the bonding process. EcoRight uses synthetic fibres instead of animal hairs in the development of render as these offer superior bonding and unlike hair, will not rot in the alkaline plaster.



Lime renders are a great way to enhance outdoor spaces. Whether it is to create a feature wall or cover the whole building it will drastically improve the aesthetic and make any property stand out. Render is easy to apply and inexpensive, as well as durable and easy to maintain. This smooth rendered finish is becoming ever popular.

The Benefits of Lime Render

If you’re thinking of using lime render in a future project, here’s what you need to know:

Lime renders can be applied over most surfaces. If the surface has been prepared correctly with sanding, cleaning and coating then lime render will bond very well. Also, the lime render will provide long-lasting protection for the structure underneath.


Lime render is a natural product that you can introduced in many ways. It has a smooth finish and dries to a hard, durable surface. This makes it ideal for both internal and external walls. Lime render is available in a variety of different colours. The most common colour is white or yellow, but you may also find red or brown versions available at some building suppliers, such as our sister company Old House Store.

The smooth finish that lime render can provide is a benefit that is often overlooked, however, it’s an important one. It’s something you’ll notice immediately when you look at buildings that have been re-rendered with lime. A smooth finish allows for better protection to the surface of your building and makes any repairs much easier and quicker.


Lime render will readily absorb water. In rainy weather, lime render will hold the moisture away from the wall. The benefit of this is that it cannot penetrate the inner walls and therefore avoids damp, interior mould and trapped liquid. The breathability of lime render means that once the weather dries up, the water will evaporate, with no issue to the homeowner.

Cement traps water and begins to chip and crack in colder weather. Eventually, time will expose the underlying stone through the process of erosion. Although cement is more commonly used, the cons are far greater than lime render and therefore we would always recommend lime in your build.

Lime render is hygienic and easy to clean because of its smooth texture. This means you don’t have to worry about dirt getting stuck in the cracks. Finally, lime render is a good insulator which will help reduce energy bills. Once your property has been rendered with lime, it will help keep heat inside the building, thus making a contribution to the reduction in energy costs.


All in all, lime render gives any building a professional and attractive finish, which will last for years. It’s also cost-effective, so if you’re looking to renovate or build a new building then it’s worth considering. In addition, there is a wide range of options available from different manufacturers with different finishes so you can find something that suits your needs perfectly.

EcoRight is one of the leading manufacturers of lime renders, mortars and plasters, and homeowners, small development builders and specialist contractors can buy these products through sister company Old House Store and for technical advice visit and make contact with your request.

Lime mortar is highly aesthetic and can be exact colour-matched to bricks or other adjacent materials making it a good choice for conservation or new build.