Vent-Axia’s Market-Leading dMEV Shortlisted at Energy Saving Awards

Vent-Axia’s Market-Leading dMEV Shortlisted at Energy Saving Awards

Leading ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia is delighted to announce it has been shortlisted in the inaugural Energy Saving Awards 2022.

The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon NBR dMEV C has been named as a finalist in the Domestic Ventilation Product of Year Award category. This follows shortlistings for this highly efficient de-centralised mechanical extract ventilation (dMEV) unit in both the H&V Awards and the HVR Awards, consolidating Vent-Axia’s market-leading position, as the company takes another step towards offering more sustainable choices for customers.

The Energy Saving Awards is a new event celebrating the very best professionals, products and projects across the Plumbing, HVAC and Energy Management sectors. The awards have been created to acknowledge the important work that has been achieved by manufacturers, installers, contractors, suppliers and organisations to reduce carbon emissions and become more energy efficient. The inaugural Energy Saving Awards ceremony will take place at lunchtime on 1 December 2022 at the Tower Hotel, London.

The Lo-Carbon NBR dMEV C is a highly efficient dMEV unit designed for kitchen, utility and bathroom applications. It achieves market-leading efficiency through its innovative patent pending air pathway design and meets the requirements of the Building Regulations with the quietest sound levels, the lowest number of installed fans required and the most efficient fans on the market. Developed for housebuilders, it has been tested to the new SAP 10 performance requirement and is listed in the PCDB with its exceedingly low Specific Fan Power (SFP) values as impressively low as 0.08 w/l/s and provides almost silent operation at 7.4dB(A).

“We are delighted that our market-leading Lo-Carbon NBR dMEV C is once again shortlisted for an award. We welcome the first ever Energy Savings Awards and look forward to it championing energy efficient products like the NBR dMEV C”, said Joe Tse, NBR Product Manager at Vent-Axia. “We’re dedicated to offering sustainable choices for our customers and are always looking to improve our product offering. The Lo-Carbon NBR dMEV C has the lowest SFP on the market and is great option for efficiently and quietly improving indoor air quality.”

The Lo-Carbon NBR dMEV C achieves its low SFPs and low sound power levels through its patent pending air pathway design, which promotes turbulent airflow, allowing for a predictable performance curve and ensuring performance can be met. High-pressure development and the silent mixed flow impeller mean the Lo-Carbon dMEV C can meet the requirements of many domestic installations without the need to use a traditional centrifugal fan. Featuring a single high efficiency EC/DC motor the fan achieves highest in class efficiency thanks to its axial fan, which consumes a fraction of the energy of the equivalent centrifugal fan – drastically reducing Dwelling Emission Rates (DER).

Vent-Axia’s Market-Leading dMEV Shortlisted at Energy Saving Awards

Featuring a sleek, circular unobtrusive design with a multi-orientation grille, providing a perfect fit in any scenario, the NBR dMEV C, is IPX5 rated, allowing installation in Zone 1, 2 and 3 and offers 100mm and 125mm models, with variable speed setting for easy installation and commissioning. The IPX5 rating allows install flexibility without the need for SELV, improving build quality, improving safety on site and for the homeowner. The fan’s brand-new control platform provides fully adjustable airflow, meaning wholehouse rates can be achieved easily using fewer fans, delivering increased ventilation rates at the lowest sound levels with the fewest fans. The dMEV C unit’s controls provide fully adjustable, continuous trickle speeds with a boost speed that’s activated via an integral humidistat or via LS Input.

Vent-Axia’s Market-Leading dMEV Shortlisted at Energy Saving Awards

Designed to offer a more relaxing environment for the homeowner, the Lo-Carbon NBR dMEV C features an optional delayed start. This patented comfort control option allows the homeowner to enjoy a quiet, peaceful bathroom for up to 20 minutes before the boost activates. Furthermore, if the light switch turns on and off within three minutes, the boost will not activate. No more disturbing the family if the bathroom light is turned on during the night.

An experienced and knowledgeable in-house engineering team has used state-of-the-art Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD), to ensure that the decentralised continuous mechanical extract fan operates as efficiently and as quietly as possible, whilst also providing easy installation and quick commissioning. The easy-to-use speed adjustment dial ensures operational speeds are met as required by the new amended Building Regulation Approved Document F.

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