The Benefits of Outdoor Heating for your Business

The Benefits of Outdoor Heating for your Business

Outdoor heating all year round!

As we move swiftly on from Covid lockdown measures we must have sympathy for all the small and independent businesses that have suffered over the last couple of years. At the top of the list sits restaurants. The draconian restrictions have made operations continually difficult but of course not impossible!

For all the millions of cafes and restaurants that have survived, there has been and is of course light at the end of the tunnel! With the beautiful weather the UK is experiencing many of us are benefiting from outdoor dining. A growing trend and one that we hope takes root if we are to future proof our livelihoods.

So I think we are agreed, outdoor dining is surely here to stay. Restaurants have capitalised on every inch of their outdoor space from back yards, terraces and even parking spaces! Yurts, pods, barns, you name it. All you need is good food, outdoor heaters and your creative imagination!

The Benefits of Outdoor Heating for your Business

The concept of outdoor dining is one we are familiar with as a nation and this has proven to be a successful channel of income for many businesses. By extending outdoor seating not only through the summer but also spring and into the colder months we will allow the bar and restaurant economy to recover.

Summer time will of course be booming but in order to maximise potential revenue our outdoor spaces need to function in a similar way to that of our indoor space. Modern outdoor dining demands both lighting and heating in this country.

In order to extend the outdoor dining and drinking culture from spring through to winter most outdoor spaces will need heaters. Infrared heaters are a perfect solution as they are exceptionally safe and the most efficient outdoor heating solution. Either built in for a permanent design or portable for flexibility, ultimately essential for chilly evenings.

Humans are social beings and if we can’t always be inside then heating an outdoor space can be a worthwhile investment. A Simple 6000w heater can cover up to 3 tables therefore allowing customers to have an outdoor but indoor dining experience.

“Outdoor heating has allowed us to create an ambience and environment where people are happy to stay for a longer period of time”

Matthew Mawtus HIDE Piccadilly, London.

So we concur that we are simply not going to be forced inside, so which heaters are the most effective choice for your establishment or terrace? Gas heaters use both convection and radiation to heat people and their surroundings. Electric heaters work very much like the suns rays.

Outdoor electric heaters use infrared / radiant technology and can give off very little light emission. The radiant waves heat objects and people directly without wasting energy heating the air around. With sustainability at the forefront of our minds this is a wise choice. Electric heaters are simple to use, importantly safe, and sustainable, a question many customers are now demanding of your business.

However gas heaters have their benefits too, they can be portable, versatile and warm. They heat evenly and comfortably with a soft and welcoming glow. This type of heater is ideal for remote seating areas and can be moved around to adapt to your dining area easily.

Whichever heating solution you choose, the financial benefits are clear, your customers are happy and regardless of what the next few years throws at the restaurant business we can all continue to have warm human contact!


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