Vent-Axia Launches Net Zero Retrofit Solution for Social Housing

Vent-Axia’s New Lo-Carbon Calido Combats Mould and Recovers Heat

Leading ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia has launched the Lo-Carbon Calido, decentralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (dMVHR) unit, to help social housing landlords tackle condensation and mould while reducing energy bills.

Offering up to 80% heat recovery the Calido is designed for retrofit properties, allowing landlords to easily install discrete decentralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery in existing homes, improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency. With pressure on social housing landlords to both tackle condensation and mould in their housing stock, while reducing carbon emissions the Lo-Carbon Calido’s dMVHR is the ideal solution.

Providing continuous ventilation, the Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Calido is designed to remove stale air from any habitable room and replace it with fresh filtered air. Unlike traditional dMVHR units the Calido has been developed to be ducted therefore it can benefit more than one room at a time, for example, if installed in a bathroom, stale and moist air will be extracted and fresh filtered air will be supplied to other habitable rooms via installed ducting. This type of installation meets PAS2035 requirements, which has become vital for social housing providers when improving energy efficiency measures in properties.

The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Calido offers up to 80% heat recovery via its integrated cross-flow heat exchanger, which helps reduce the amount of heat lost from the property and saves money by reducing energy costs, as well as lowering carbon emissions. The unit cleverly recovers heat from the stale air that is being extracted to warm up the fresh air that is coming into the property, replacing the air and then retaining the heat that would otherwise be lost through extraction. The air is then transferred to adjacent rooms via ducting and supplies them with fresh, heated air.

Social housing providers are currently facing a number of challenges with their housing stock. The current energy crisis means that there are residents struggling to heat their homes which without effective ventilation can also lead to increased condensation and mould, contributing to health issues. In addition, landlords also have the challenge of reducing their housing stock’s carbon emissions to meet Net Zero targets”, explains Natasha King, RMI Product Manager at Vent-Axia. “The energy efficient Lo-Carbon Calido is therefore the ideal solution since it provides effective ventilation, improving indoor air quality and tackling condensation and mould, while the units 80% heat recovery reduces a home’s carbon footprint and lowers energy bills for residents. Landlords can also be assured that the Calido’s ducted installation meets PAS2035.”

A single Calido unit can help improve the air quality of a whole house and with changeable filters it can help provide clean air all year round. The unit comes with a replaceable filter that can be changed depending on the selected interval – 3 to 12 months options available. A filter replacement indicator helps ensure continuous good indoor air quality. With three air flow options, the Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Calido can be installed in many types of properties and its compact design means it will ventilate and recover heat quietly in the background. It can also be wall or ceiling mounted depending on space availability, making it perfect for many retrofit applications.

Offering intelligent ventilation, the Lo-Carbon Calido features a moisture control function that automatically increases the airflow when it detects moisture. When the moisture has gone, the flow returns to its preselected setting. The Calido’s intelligent controls also eliminate condensation within the unit so the unit does not require a condensate drain making install simpler.

Easy to install the Lo-Carbon Calido requires two 100mm diameter holes – one to extract stale air and one to intake fresh air. Suitable for wall thicknesses between 100mm and 400mm (when the external wall kit is used) the Calido comes with a drilling template to add to ease of install. Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon Calido is a robust unit with an IP24 rating and is double insulated for extra protection. Independently tested and certified for safety the Calido has both CE and S Mark.  The Calido also uses an EC motor, which is incredibly reliable and comes with a five-year warranty.

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