Creating greener homes with push-fit technology

Pushing the green agenda: Creating greener homes with push-fit technology

General inflation and the seemingly ever-increasing energy prices are meaning many are looking to employ more cost-effective facilities in their homes. The plumbing system is one such area that, when gone unnoticed, can suddenly start costing homeowners that unwanted extra cash in the form of wastewater, leaks, or simply inefficient materials. In pursuit of putting this issue to bed,

Richard Bateman, Product Marketing Manager at RWC, explores how plastic push-fit technology is a step towards a greener plumbing future.

From swapping fast fashion for charity stores to adopting a more plant-based diet, there are many steps that we are all taking in our effort to be more environmentally friendly. Indeed, many people are set on having a more sustainable household overall, and one area that should certainly not be overlooked is the house’s plumbing system. Whilst the UK Government is actively taking strides towards new sustainable targets – phasing out gas boilers in new build homes by 2025 is one example – there are no guidelines listing what materials should be used in plumbing systems.

Additionally, the hard truth is that some sustainable alternatives are more expensive than their less environmentally friendly counterparts. And for certain plumbing parts this can immediately appear to be the case too, tankless water heaters are more expensive than storage heaters, for example. And, whilst plastic pipe is less expensive than copper pipe, plastic push- fit fittings can be slightly more expensive. However, the additional money spent on plastic fittings will be saved in the form of reduced water usage and labour-costs.

Creating greener homes with push-fit technology

Plastic push-fit fittings can reduce the complexity in pipework by decreasing the number of connections required, which can save water long term by reducing the chance of leaks.

One example would be the plastic push-fit plumbing manifolds, which by establishing a single central hub as a distribution point for either hot or cold water supplies, simplify pipework. Without the need for additional fittings, a single run can be cabled to an outlet by using JG Speedfit Polybutylene pipe. In addition to limiting leak points, this makes maintenance simple. Seeing as a single leak can lose up to 1,400 gallons of water in 24 hours, you really do want to take as many efforts as possible to prevent them from happening.

Additionally, the specialised push-fit valve range from JG Speedfit, which bring together different functions into one fitting that saves space and installation time are a great way to make a plumbing system greener too. Double check valves combined with service valves for outside taps can save a lot of space under the sink, for instance. There are also lever-operated shut off valves, hand-operated shut off taps, or screwdriver-operated valves that can shut off water supply with a single turn.

Creating greener homes with push-fit technology

The capability to isolate water supplies, inherently reduces the need to drain water off the whole property. This then helps to save gallons of water should servicing and maintenance be required on the plumbing and heating system.  Therefore, making for a much greener system overall.

Achieving an environmentally friendly future from every angle

A stellar exemplar of plastic push-fit’s green agenda is the JG Speedfit Twist & Lock range, which, like the aforementioned second fix range, are up to 40% faster to install than traditional methods and are easier to use in confined spaces by removing the need for hot works and tools.

Creating greener homes with push-fit technology

Like all other push-fit fittings Twist & Lock provides an instant, flame-free, push-fit connection, that can be installed and demounted in seconds without tools. This is largely due to the fittings’ Grip & Seal collet with stainless steel teeth and its main O-Ring seal. Furthermore, the polybutene plastic is a non-toxic material, that resists both corrosion and scale build-up. This ensures that the fittings are watertight and long lasting, preventing any need for repairs and providing a more environmentally friendly plumbing solution overall. The fittings are available in multiple key bends such as straight connectors, tee tube connectors, and equal elbow connectors, which ensure you can push the green agenda from every angle.

Green plumbing for green outdoors

Of course, preventing the need for repairs and providing a longer lasting solution is not just a requirement for indoor plumbing systems. Every year, thousands of pounds are spent on repairing outdoor plumbing systems too.

Issues with underground pipework are usually a result of one of two issues, if not both. A myriad of environmental factors mean that it is difficult for installers to determine whether a watertight seal has been made upon first installation, particularly if using fittings with compression connections; or the fitting can become loose over time, which then causes leaks that are hard to rectify.

These risks are significantly reduced with plastic push-fit MDPE fittings like those in the JG Speedfit range. Like all plastic push-fit fittings, the fitting is sealed by simply pushing the fitting into the pipe, which drastically reduces the chance that the fitting will be insufficiently installed upon first installation.

Underground leaks can be extremely laborious to deal with; ground needs to be dug up to identify problems, which requires specialist machinery. Push-fit MDPE fittings assures a reliable and leak-proof seal, and with the JG Speedfit range, the installation is right first time. This of course makes for a longer lasting and more environmentally friendly system overall. Ensuring that water is conserved for years to come.

Think green, think push-fit

By requiring less repairs from installers, a reduced installation time, and by providing a leak resistant connection, plastic push-fit fittings provide a long-lasting and environmentally conscious plumbing solution, which ensures that even the most sustainable of homes can remain so for many years to come.

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