Rundum Original garage doors provide unique feature in prestigious Cornish development

Rundum Original garage doors provide unique feature in prestigious Cornish development

Twin Rundum Original ‘round the corner’ side sliding doors have been manufactured and installed by bespoke garage door specialist Rundum Meir UK as part of the North Quay development in Hayle, Cornwall.

Rundum Original garage doors provide unique feature in prestigious Cornish development

The development by Corinthian Homes on the north Cornish coast is on the edge of an estuary with World Heritage Site status, and is one of the largest building projects of its kind in the South West. The scheme will create 500 new properties, two cinemas, restaurants, shops, an art gallery and better infrastructure for the fishing community.

Their vision is for North Quay to transform a former industrial area into an exciting new coastal quarter for people to live, work, shop, eat, stay and enjoy the stunning waterside location.

Key to this is high quality design by FCBStudios which has already been independently recognised through the project winning in the 2020 Housing Design Awards.

With the first phase of the project, which includes around 140 dwellings and public realm development, as well as office space and waterside commercial buildings, are two residential units with garages. In order to make a statement feature of the garage doors, Rundum Meir was approached to explore the potential for twin bespoke doors with radiused corners at their adjacent edge.

This design was perfectly suited to the Rundum Original, which slides along a track as it opens sideways before turning a corner to run along an inner side wall of the garage. Equally important, however, was the ability to manufacture the garage door in materials that would enable aesthetic goals to be achieved whilst being suitable for the harsh coastal conditions, dominated by an aggressive saline atmosphere.

Rundum Original garage doors provide unique feature in prestigious Cornish development

Rundum Meir was able to use Accoya for the timber slats that make up each of the doors. Accoya is ideal for conditions of this kind, and for meeting the project’s sustainability aims, given its superior durability and FSC accreditation.

Marine grade stainless steel was used to create the U-channels which guide the Rundum Original as it slides, along with the PPC tracks and binding. This will ensure the key mechanical elements of the two doors have maximum resistance to corrosion for a long design life.

In line with the high specification of all the Corinthian Homes dwellings under construction, the Rundum Meir garage doors are also automated. A door-mounted motor is activated via a remote control device and it is HomeLink compatible for safe and secure operation from inside a vehicle.

Accoya is just one of the numerous different timbers available for Rundum Original side sliding garage doors. As every door is bespoke, the creative potential is vast with a high quality construction achieved thanks to the craftsmanship of Rundum Meir’s skilled team.

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Rundum Meir is a by-word for innovative design and quality – transforming your garage door into an architectural feature.

Set up more than 50 years ago near Munich, Southern Germany, Rundum Meir Garagentorbau GmbH is a family business. The firm originally specialised in making timber up-and-over and slide-round sliding garage doors for the home market.

Rundum Meir now works throughout Europe, in North America and the Middle East providing high quality, made to measure, automated round the corner side sliding garage doors.

In October 1998 Rundum Meir’s factory gained certification for outstanding environmental production methods by the Bavarian State Minister for the Environment.

Rundum Meir has been in the UK since 1999, and is proud to have worked on many interesting and award-winning projects.