Vicaima unveils the main decor trends for 2023

Vicaima unveils the main decor trends for 2023

Comfort, exquisite details and technology lead the world of architecture and decoration in the transition to a new year of potential challenges and possibilities.

Forecasting what 2023 holds for the world of architecture, construction and interior design is a demanding challenge, but history proves that in a period of metamorphosis corresponding opportunities present themselves for growth and renewal. Faced with a multitude of possibilities, in times that evoke beginnings, comfort and energy, Vicaima outlines the main trends that could be incorporated and inspire new projects in the year ahead.

Well-being, above all

Following a remarkable pandemic period, the desire for large spaces and open decor settings, in which natural light and innovative elements flourish, has become increasingly popular. Today, the aim is not merely to conceive a unique design, but to blend the aesthetic focus with maximum functionality and adaptation to different daily needs, in which the rooms are suited to the recovery and rejuvenation demanded by daily life.

As one of the largest European players in the design and production of cutting-edge solutions for interior doors, technical doors, frames, wardrobes, panels, and furniture items, Vicaima provides models that improve the accessibility of spaces and functional design, such as the Portaro® Sliding Door solution, which integrates door, frame and accessories in a single piece. The company also features complements that promote the perfect harmony between the aesthetics of interiors and a welcoming environment, as demonstrated by the glazing options, reflecting the physical comfort in the emotional wellbeing of each resident.

Bold details ruling spaces

In a highly globalised and interconnected world, interiors now incorporate increasingly unique and customised accessories and identity traits, in an organic approach, with the addition of details that define the personality of projects, appealing to different audiences. Through a wide selection of models, coatings, and finishes, the Vicaima solutions are the ideal match for balanced and contemporary spaces.

Vicaima unveils the main decor trends for 2023

Viva Magenta: A fusion between this new Pantone colour and the identity of Vicaima

A symbol of the increasing presence of bold and exquisite details, which put in evidence the freedom of self-expression and nonconformism with restrictions, is summarised by Pantone. The colour elected by Pantone as the “colour of the year” and the visual identity of Vicaima, evident in its logo, meet in their similarity as the summary of everything that 2023 anticipates.

Vicaima options allow the achievement of a distinctive personality through finishes such as Naturdor®, Dekordor® and Lacdor, whose palette of tones allow a synergy with the Pantone colour of the year for an ideal blend. Viva Magenta, in all its grandeur, reveals the optimism and vigour that drive a unified demonstration of strength.

Alongside these attributes, Viva Magenta is a shade rooted in nature, capable of driving a design that portrays a better future, a key feature in a period of growing environmental awareness. For the sustainable conservation of ecosystems, all Vicaima products are FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certificated.

Vicaima unveils the main decor trends for 2023

The symbiosis of tangible reality with the virtual universe

With the development of home automation and technological innovations, 2023 promises a greater incorporation of digital elements in interiors, adapted to the current lifestyle pace and the frequent use of mobile devices. A trend proven by the choice of Pantone, which explores the dynamic between Artificial Intelligence and human creativity, by creating a hybrid colour that portrays a balance between warm and cold, reminiscent of our multidimensional world.

Mindful of the latest developments in the sector, Vicaima offers the Infinity concept, that shapes the virtual into the tangible through an avant-garde style, employing high-end technology and a mix of innovative production processes that allow the creation of customised designs and coatings in essential elements such as doors, panels, wardrobes, and furniture pieces. Characterised by enabling infinite possibilities in any project, Vicaima Infinity defines creativity as its only boundary, aimed at sectors such as hospitality, housing, health, offices or commercial spaces.

As 2022 shaped architecture and design through Nature, minimalism and sustainability, 2023 heralds new dynamics and methodologies. Faced with volatile periods, Vicaima reaffirms its continuous renewal of styles and its firm commitment to quality, displaying this avant-garde attitude on its international presence in projects of excellence and in a close involvement with construction industry professionals everywhere.

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Vicaima unveils the main decor trends for 2023