Side sliding garage door benefits stack up for parking lifts

With high demand and expense associated with public on-street parking spaces in busy urban areas, plus high land values and concerns about vehicle security risks when parked externally, car stackers or parking lifts offer an attractive potential solution.

And not just for residential buildings. These parking systems are well-suited to commercial buildings too, such as city centre offices, giving users the convenience and peace of mind of being able to park on site and adding value to the property.

When considering the feasibility of installing either a double decker vehicle stacker or an angled stacker, the available height of the garage and shape of the roof are, of course, key factors. But it is also important to consider that the height will be reduced where an ‘up and over’ or overhead sectional garage door is fitted, so careful consideration needs to be given to this element.

This is a common scenario in conversion projects where garages or repurposed ground floor space are often unsuitable for housing multiple vehicles.

While some garage lift suppliers may be able to provide integrated roller doors in front of the car lift, these may not fit with the project’s aesthetic goals, client taste or meet local planning restrictions. The solution in situations like these lies with a Rundum Original slide sliding ‘round the corner’ garage door.

These bespoke, handcrafted doors have demonstrated their value in developments across the UK, Europe and the US, including for blocks of flats and in one case to provide access to a large indoor garage accommodating up to 200 spaces.

Side sliding garage door benefits stack up for parking lifts

One of the key advantages that a Rundum Original has is its ability to curve tightly around corners where clearance from the installed lift is very limited. And because the door slides on tracks around the corner and along the inner side wall of the garage, there is nothing to limit overhead space as there would be with an overhead opening door.

Another way that a side sliding door can help maximise access to any garage comes with its ability to span large uninterrupted openings. One door can span as much as 10m, so double them up to meet in the middle and that can offer a clear opening of 20m wide.

These factors can make a car stacker or vehicle lift feasible in garages that may initially appear too small. But beyond these practical benefits, Rundum Original garage doors really stand out thanks to their visual appeal.

Rundum Original doors – whether used in conjunction with car stackers and vehicle lifts or not – are manufactured using high quality timbers in numerous different species or high strength extruded aluminium. Each door is made up of narrow vertical slats 80mm wide, which can be finished in colours to suit the overall design.

Fully automated, these garage doors represent high quality and good design, unlocking new creative potential for buildings and overcoming the spatial challenges that smaller garages can present when considering car lifts.

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