Diffusion’s New Modular Highline 235 Fan Coil Range Creates the Perfect Indoor Environment

British heating and cooling equipment specialist Diffusion has launched its new Highline 235 modular fan coil range, differentiated by design it has been developed to create the perfect indoor environment at work and at home.

With quality, performance and flexibility at the heart of everything Diffusion does, the Highline 235 range of fan coil units offers modular design, compact dimensions and advanced components that deliver low sound levels, reduced energy consumption and optimal performance. Comprising eight models, including 13 fan combinations, the Highline 235 range suits a wide variety of applications.

Diffusion’s New Modular Highline 235 Fan Coil Range Creates the Perfect Indoor Environment

The new Highline 235 range of fan coil units boasts exceedingly low sound levels. Delivering noise ratings as low as NR25, ensures their suitability for a wide variety of commercial applications including offices and particularly residential applications and hotels where quiet operation is critical. The Highline 235 has been designed with aesthetics in mind, this makes it an attractive solution for architects that require a ceiling exposed solution, as well as those that prefer ceiling concealed units. Meanwhile, the range’s high efficiency EC motor and fan assemblies provide improved Specific Fan Powers (SFP) as low as 0.14 W/l/s, reducing overall building energy consumption. Plus, the Highline 235 range provides increased performance due to heat exchangers specifically designed to achieve optimum heating and cooling performance using the industry predominant hot water and chilled water temperatures.

Featuring excellent build quality, the new Highline 235 range is built to last with a galvanised steel chassis for increased durability. Benefitting from its own in-house Design team at Diffusion, and the company’s extensive industry experience, every aspect of the fan coil design has been considered to improve performance, whilst also making the fan coils easy to service and maintain, even in confined spaces. This is largely thanks to a full width access panel giving easy access to key components including the heat exchanger and fans. Meanwhile, the Diffusion Highline 235 range’s modular design delivers ultimate flexibility, enabling attenuator and plenum options to be easily configured to suit the application. Design options are almost limitless as the Highline 235 is completely customizable with almost 300,000 configurations allowing customers to choose the fan coil that fits their individual design. This is of particular importance to buildings that have a change of use, as the units can be re-configured on-site to suit the new purpose of the building and new configuration, this saves purchasing new models which is costly and wasteful – a significant sustainability benefit.

We are delighted to launch the new Highline 235 range which is almost endlessly configurable, and offers quiet, high performance and energy efficient heating and cooling for the perfect indoor environment. Thermal comfort is an important factor in modern buildings and our newly designed Highline 235 range has sizes for all types of applications from hotel rooms to reception areas and offices,” explains John Hepper, Technical Director at Diffusion. “The Highline 235 incorporates many components that have been designed to improve quality, enhance efficiency, reduce sound and optimise overall performance of the product. These design enhancements are the direct result of Diffusion’s close relationships with our customers and a deep understanding of their project needs.”

All elements of the Highline 235 range have been designed with product performance, ease of installation, and service and maintenance in mind. The condensate drip tray and 22mm diameter drain connection is made from stainless steel for rigidity and longevity, the entire tray can easily be removed on-site for cleaning while the drain connection is located at the lowest position of the condensate drip tray and fitted with a void tray so condensate can drain away easily.

The fan coil range can be supplied with either ISO grade media filters or the Diffusion lifetime ‘Eco’ wire mesh filter, this option provides a robust environmentally conscious solution that can be vacuum cleaned in situ. The filter can also be easily removed on-site from either the side of the unit or from beneath the unit. The filters on the larger models are split into two parts, making them easy to remove or clean, this is particularly beneficial when the unit is installed in confined or awkward spaces. Meanwhile, the fan coils are supplied fitted with a controls enclosure which is mounted to the side of the unit for convenience and easy access, this can also be placed away from the unit should this be a requirement for your application.

Forward curved centrifugal fans are used in all models providing the most efficient airflow and acoustic performance. The fan coil units are insulated throughout with class ‘0’fire-rated foam, the thickness of the insulation throughout the unit varies to ensure superior thermal and acoustic performance, 70% of the foam is either 12 or 25mm thick. Diffusion’s new Highline 235 range is compliant with all key performance standards.

Diffusion has manufactured heating and cooling equipment in the UK for over 60 years, during which time it has established an enviable reputation for the quality of product, the bespoke design capability and excellent, personal service. Its competitively priced product portfolio comprises a wide range of fan coil units. Diffusion’s main objective is to design and manufacture high quality solutions to meet clients’ needs, designing and manufacturing energy efficient HEVAC equipment that can accommodate specific requirements in the most cost-effective way, where the standard is never compromised.

The Diffusion team has in excess of 200 years of combined industry knowledge through working closely with customers for over 60 years. This deep understanding of the project requirements has enabled Diffusion to design and manufacture the most advanced, energy efficient products that comply with all relevant Building Regulations. Diffusion specialises in fan coil design and manufacture and is trusted by countless businesses across the construction supply chain. Diffusion fan coils are in countless landmark buildings including The Shard and The Walkie-Talkie building. Diffusion is a UK manufacturer and continuously searches for new and innovative ways to lower its carbon emissions.

For more information on Diffusion, please visit www.diffusion-group.com.


With over 60 years in the H&V industry Diffusion is one of the oldest most specialist manufacturers of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning products in the UK. Over the years Diffusion has been involved with many challenging and prestigious projects across a spectrum of sectors including hotels, commercial offices, retail, schools, hospitals and high end-residential. These projects include: The Shard, The Walkie-Talkie building and One Bishopsgate Plaza, all of these buildings have over 1,000 Diffusion products installed providing the perfect indoor environment for a variety of purposes, ranging from apartments, restaurants, retail outlets and ballrooms to the Shard’s viewing gallery.