Vent-Axia’s Market-Leading dMEV Shortlisted at Energy Saving Awards

Vent-Axia Offers Award-Winning MEV with Semi-Rigid Ductwork for Ease of Install

Market-leading ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia has extended its award-winning Lo-Carbon Multivent MEV range with the addition of the MVDC-MSH Uniflex MEV unit.

Designed specifically for use with semi-rigid ductwork the MVDC-MSH Uniflex MEV offers further flexibility and ease of install for housebuilders, especially where space is restricted. The unit features all the benefits of the existing Multivent MEV range with direct spigot connections to Vent-Axia’s easy-to-install Uniflexplus+ semi-rigid ducting, which is a simple “plug-and-play” alternative to the market standard of rigid ducting.

Vent-Axia Offers Award-Winning MEV with Semi-Rigid Ductwork for Ease of Install

The MVDC-MSH Uniflex, continues to offer the market-leading performance and benefits of the existing Multivent, but the compatibility with Uniflexplus+ semi-ridgid ducting allows a range of extra benefits for housebuilders. Traditional rigid ductwork requires experience and time to install correctly.

Vent-Axia’s Uniflexplus+ semi-rigid ducting is a simple alternative that is easy and quick to install. Its low profile and flexibility are perfect for installing in places where space is restricted. It’s available in lengths of up to 50m, so fewer connections are needed with easier routing. Furthermore, using semi-rigid ductwork means fewer bends, so resistance is minimised, improving air flow and making the system more energy efficient and quieter. It’s flexible enough to fit into tight corners, but still rigid and robust enough to not be crushed. In addition it is up to 60% quicker to install.

“We are delighted that our Multivent MEV range, the best-in-class mechanical extract ventilation system, is now compatible with our Uniflexplus+ Semi-Rigid ducting. This addition of the Lo-Carbon MVDC-MSH Uniflex to our award-winning MEV range gives more choice to housebuilders, with our semi-rigid ducting range setting the standard for easy to install, low profile ducting solutions, said Steve Pearce, Product Manager at Vent-Axia. “The ducting system is uncomplicated to ensure a hassle-free, speedy install and we offer multiple air diffuser designs. It’s the ideal ventilation solution for new build residential properties.”

The MVDC-MSH Uniflex has best-in-class Specific Fan Power, is recognised in SAP PCDB, and complies with Building Regulations ADF (System 3). It features four fully variable speeds: low, normal, boost and purge, there is also a built-in humidity sensor enabling the system to boost automatically once the adjustable humidity threshold has been set. With the option of wall, ceiling and loft mounting, the unit is fitted with 90mm diameter extract spigots allowing quick connection to ducts.

The award-winning Lo-Carbon Multivent mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) range offers a total of nine units all made with recycled plastic. Designed to provide a simple and effective solution to help housebuilders meet the Future Homes Standard, the Multivent MEV range provides the ideal solution for new build residential projects, helping housebuilders meet DER requirements through market-leading energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality (IAQ) for homeowners.

The recent move to recycled plastic further improved the environmental credentials of the product for housebuilders and homeowners. Manufactured from a reliable recycled source, which is regularly available, the Multivent MEV units are now available in black, rather than white, as they are made from black recycled ABS. The change from manufacturing from virgin to recycled plastic does not affect the function or performance of the MEV units, which are still market-leading.

The Multivent MEV range offers a reliable, highly efficient, quiet and easy to operate ventilation system, which ensures housebuilders have exactly the right ventilation for a property. The units use Lo-Carbon energy efficient EC motors, reducing the energy consumption and lowering running costs. The MEV units offer an easy-to-operate control platform and extremely low operating noise.

Additional benefits include increased ventilation rates, compact design, easy installation, as well as simple and accurate commissioning. With a common digital control platform throughout the range and smart accessories for use in the home, the MEV range is a breeze to install, commission and control. Plus, the wealth of control and switching options across the range gives housebuilders the flexibility to provide a solution for any new build scenario.

Highly efficient, ultra-quiet and made from recycled plastic, the Multivent MEV range not only makes homes more sustainable, its production is more sustainable too. Using plastic that would otherwise go to landfill to make this award-winning ventilation system is testament to what can be achieved if companies are willing to invest time and money to improve the sustainability of products whilst ensuring that they are still best in class.

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