Rundum Meir: Pushing the boundaries of garage door design for five decades

Rundum Meir: Pushing the boundaries of garage door design for five decades

Whilst giving every building element the same level of design focus may not be feasible, there are multiple reasons why taking time to consider how a bespoke garage door can pay dividends and enable vast creative potential in other areas of the building design to be unlocked.

Rundum Meir: Pushing the boundaries of garage door design for five decades

This is something that many of the architects and clients who have worked with Rundum Meir over the past 50 years can testify and is reflected in the wide variety of garage doors the company has manufactured and installed during this time.

Every Rundum Meir garage door is made to order. This has been its approach since the business was founded in 1968, giving clients an alternative to standard sized doors which can sometimes restrict their design intent and limit creativity.

Rundum Meir’s UK division works with clients to explore the design and material options to create garage doors based around four operating styles.

  • The Rundum Original – this is a side sliding garage door which is formed of narrow slats – usually in timber or aluminium – that can curve in numerous different shapes and span very wide openings.
  • The side sectional – this operates in a similar fashion to the Rundum Original but it offers additional creative potential, including allowing for windows or ventilation louvres to be incorporated.
  • Overhead sectional – an alternative option to the side sectional where horizontal panels are preferred aesthetically, or if there is limited space available along the internal side walls.
  • One piece up and over – these offer incredible creative potential to allow a more typical garage door function, but using materials such as glass, steel and façade panels to match the surrounding building design.

In many of the projects where a Rundum Meir door has been specified, the garage door shape, size or orientation has enabled the design of the rest of the house or, in some cases, commercial building to be very different to how it would have been had a standard ‘off the shelf’ rectangular door been selected.

One example of this is a round garage built several years ago in the south east of England. This features two Rundum Original side sliding doors which curve round to the sides, enabling vehicles to be driven through the garage space without having to reverse. It is an unusual design for a garage but one that demonstrates the possibilities of using a curved garage door.

Rundum Meir: Pushing the boundaries of garage door design for five decades

Another very different example of what can be achieved with a bespoke door approach is a project in central Manchester where a redundant commercial building was being converted into luxury residential properties. Here a two side sectional garage doors were created in aluminium with a bronze finish and acid etching to match the design of the building façade.

Once the design and budget has been agreed with a client, the UK team liaises with Rundum Meir’s manufacturing specialists at its factory in Munich. This is then packaged and delivered to the UK team who work with clients to install the garage door or work with their appointed contractors to ensure a good end result.

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