Heat Pump Grants Rebrands as Heat Pumps UK, Expanding Services to Facilitate Direct Purchases

Heat Pump Grants Rebrands as Heat Pumps UK, Expanding Services to Facilitate Direct Purchases

Heat Pump Grants, a leading provider of information and assistance in accessing grants for heat pumps, is excited to announce a significant rebranding effort.

Effective immediately, the company will operate under the new name “Heat Pumps UK”, reflecting its expanded range of services and commitment to facilitating direct purchases of ground source or air source heat pumps for individuals and businesses across the United Kingdom.

The decision to rebrand as Heat Pumps UK stems from the company’s strategic vision to prioritise customer-centric solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market. While continuing to provide comprehensive guidance on grant opportunities, the rebranded company will also offer a seamless process for individuals to purchase heat pumps directly. This development ensures customers have greater flexibility and access to a wider range of options, empowering them to make informed decisions about their heating needs.

Heat Pumps UK is revolutionising the way consumers approach the adoption of heat pump technology. By leveraging their extensive network of highly rated and accredited local installers, the company streamlines the process of connecting customers with professionals who possess the necessary expertise and experience to install heat pumps efficiently and effectively.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new brand, Heat Pumps UK, as it truly represents our expanded commitment to providing holistic solutions for energy-efficient heating systems,” said Ollie Creevy, Managing Director of Heat Pumps UK. “While we will continue to identify and secure grant opportunities for our customers, we are also excited to offer them the option to directly purchase heat pumps from our network of suppliers. This enables us to cater to a wider audience and support the transition to sustainable heating solutions in the UK.”

Heat Pumps UK remains dedicated to ensuring the best possible value for its customers. By leveraging its extensive industry knowledge and established partnerships, the company actively sources the highest-quality heat pumps at competitive prices. Whether customers are eligible for grants or not, Heat Pumps UK ensures that individuals receive the best deals and transparent information, empowering them to make financially viable and environmentally conscious choices.

Creevy added, “Our customers can rest assured that Heat Pumps UK will continue to prioritise their needs. We will guide them through the entire process, from product selection to professional installation, ensuring they receive exceptional service and optimal energy efficiency in their heating systems.”

For more information about Heat Pumps UK and its range of services, please visit https://heat-pumps.org.uk/ or contact our customer support team at 0330 470 1116.

About Heat Pumps UK:

Heat Pumps UK (formerly Heat Pump Grants) is a leading provider of information, assistance, and direct purchase solutions for heat pumps. The company connects individuals and businesses with highly rated and accredited local installers, ensuring a seamless transition to energy-efficient heating systems. Heat Pumps UK remains committed to sourcing the best deals and grants, making the transition to sustainable heating solutions accessible for all.

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