Introducing the new Lossnay LGH-RVX3-E

Introducing the new Lossnay LGH-RVX3-E

Mitsubishi Electric’s Lossnay range of advanced Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems have revolutionised indoor air quality in commercial buildings. The latest addition to the range, the new Lossnay LGH-RVX3-E, offers a market-leading ventilation solution that is designed to provide excellent indoor air quality, supplying clean, fresh air into a building, whilst simultaneously extracting stale air.

Introducing the new Lossnay LGH-RVX3-E

Available in 9 sizes, the new Lossnay LGH-RVX3-E systems are able to recover valuable heat and latent energy from inside a building. In common with all our Lossnay systems, the LGH-RVX3-E incorporates our ultra-thin Lossnay paper core technology, which enables total heat exchange (sensible and latent) to achieve higher levels of heat recovery, resulting in both cost savings and improved energy efficiency.

The Lossnay LGH-RVX3-E also benefits from enhanced control settings, with flexible supply and exhaust fan commissioning in 5% increments now possible, offering lower running costs and easier compliance with Part L. An optional plug and play CO2 sensor, powered directly from the Lossnay, allows automatic incremental fan control for a healthier indoor environment.

Other key features of the new Lossnay LGH-RVX3-E systems include full airflow in bypass mode, promoting good indoor air quality during free cooling. To ensure long-term efficient operation the fan has a dual barrier coating which prevents dust and grease accumulation. The systems’ lightweight structure also facilitates easy ceiling installation, while vertical installation is now available for greater flexibility of application.

Lossnay system controls are fully compatible with our Mr Slim and City Multi air conditioning systems, allowing these systems to work together for complete and highly effective system operation.

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The new infographic and video offer a quick summary of the LGH-RVX3-E’s features and benefits – or download the Product Information sheets for a full technical specification.

Introducing the new Lossnay LGH-RVX3-E         Introducing the new Lossnay LGH-RVX3-E

Introducing the new Lossnay LGH-RVX3-E      Introducing the new Lossnay LGH-RVX3-E