Children at Jubilee Park Primary School in Newport participate in awareness event for this year's Clean Air Day

Nuaire creates a storm at Primary School for Clean Air Day

To mark this year’s Clean Air Day, UK ventilation solutions provider Nuaire is delighted to have participated in an awareness event at Jubilee Park Primary School in Newport on the 15th June.

The Clean Air Day event, organised by Newport City Council, was attended by 30 children from five local schools and featured several organisations helping students learn about the sources and dangers of pollution, and highlighting the importance of clean air.

Nuaire demonstrated its Drimaster-Eco Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system, which removes condensation and dampness from homes, but the star of the show was undoubtedly the Cyclone game where children had to grab as many ‘pollutant’ balls out of the cyclone within a set time!

The interactive game was not only huge amounts of fun, but had a genuine purpose: it helped illustrate the need to remove pollution from the air we breathe, and provided a time based activity that is good for improving concentration. According to the World Health Organisation, air pollution is not only damaging to children’s lung function, but also affects neurodevelopment, leading to lower cognitive test outcomes, negatively affecting mental and motor development. That’s why this year’s Clean Air Day theme is “Clean up the air to look after your mind”, encouraging people to find out more about how air pollution impacts our mental, physical and planet’s health.

Commenting on the event, Steve Manning, Senior Scientific Officer (Community & Environment) at Newport City Council said: “Clean Air Day is an important date in the air quality working year as it allows promotion of things like the importance of education in equipping our children, who are future agents of change, with an understanding of air quality principles and how to reduce our impact upon local air quality, and also help address climate change.”

Established in 1966, and based in Caerphilly, Nuaire designs and manufactures products for the domestic, commercial, and industrial construction sectors. The company has in-depth experience in the education sector, with a wide range of education ventilation solutions available to meet the diverse needs of education buildings, from classrooms, kitchens, canteens and halls, to gymnasiums and even swimming pools.

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Founded in 1966, Nuaire is an indoor air quality and ventilation manufacturing specialist, with multi-award-winning ventilation systems that are used in a wide range of commercial and residential applications, including hotels, houses, stadiums, museums, and healthcare services.

Nuaire is based in South Wales with a factory that covers 18,000m2 and a recently acquired second site, enabling it to manufacture almost all its products on-site. These state-of-the-art facilities operate with minimal impact on the environment, driven by ambitious targets to drive forward green manufacturing practices. Nuaire employs over 600 people and supplies products to over 40 countries around the world.

Its ongoing mission is to continue to lead the way in new air technology, setting the standard for clean air and energy-efficient ventilation solutions.