Mitsubishi Electric hosts webinar to launch ‘Whole Life Carbon in the Built Environment’ CPD Guide

Mitsubishi Electric hosts webinar to launch ‘Whole Life Carbon in the Built Environment’ CPD Guide

Whole Life Carbon (WLC) is gaining prominence in the built environment as concerns grow about the environmental impact of buildings and the urgent need to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

WLC refers to the carbon emissions associated with a building throughout its entire lifecycle, encompassing both embodied carbon and operational carbon.

Mitsubishi Electric to host Whole Life Carbon CPD guide webinar

Embodied carbon accounts for emissions from materials and construction, while operational carbon stems from energy use during occupancy. The concept of WLC aligns with the circular economy, emphasising refurbishment and reuse to extend a building’s lifespan and reduce embodied carbon. This approach is crucial for meeting sustainability goals.

Increasingly, both public and private sector building owners and tenants are committing to organisational environmental goals, which extend to the buildings they occupy and operate. However, despite the growing interest in measuring and addressing whole-life carbon emissions from the built environment, there is currently limited UK legislation and guidance on whole-life carbon calculations.

And while we have become familiar with the concept of operational carbon and energy efficiency, embodied carbon and its impacts on specification and design are less clear. As a result, construction professionals, including engineers, face the challenge of meeting client expectations at a time when there is often limited data available to them to make precise calculations.

Delivered by Mitsubishi Electric’s Product Specialists, this webinarand the accompanying guide – will examine the impact of Whole Life Carbon considerations on specification decisions, looking at some of the critical areas designers and installers should consider and questions they should ask when making decisions around building services.

Following the webinar, Mitsubishi Electric will also provide an opportunity to ask their experts questions directly in a live Q&A session.

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