A window on unique garage door designs

A window on unique garage door designs

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a bespoke garage door is being able to incorporate windows of many different types.

Unlike standard garage doors, which will usually only be available with relatively small windows, a made to order garage door from Rundum Meir can offer something completely different with much more creative potential. Whether it is a ‘mediaeval’ style to suit a historic building, reflecting Georgian grandeur or to achieve an ultra-contemporary look, there are numerous ways the garage door can be designed to feature windows.

A window on unique garage door designs

Choosing a garage door with larger windows is an excellent way to give an existing garage new purpose or enable new garages to be created with the flexibility to use the space as an annexe. The garage’s purpose does not have to be limited to simply being a place to park the car!

Specifying a garage door with windows will allow plenty of natural light to be introduced into the garage. This is important where the aim is to create a comfortable internal environment for uses such as a home office, a workshop or indoor play area, a games room or a gym, with the added benefit of natural light’s ability to enhance productivity and even our mood.

For classic car collectors, or those who have a collection they want to be able to see from outdoors on their terms, having larger windows is a must. A large garage can become a private showroom by specifying garage doors with full height windows. Shading and privacy as and when it is required could even be incorporated by specifying motorised integral blinds or switchable smart glass into the double glazed windows.

The flexibility to incorporate windows in many different shapes and sizes comes with choosing a bespoke garage door from Rundum Meir. Every garage door Rundum Meir manufactures is designed and made to order which means customers can specify the materials and finishes, along with features such as louvres and – of course – windows.

Rundum Meir offers three types of garage door that can be designed to feature windows:

–             Side sectional door

–             Overhead sectional door

–             One piece ‘up and over’ door

Side sectional doors offer incredible potential for window integration. The panels that make up a side sectional door are usually made from timber or aluminium, but these can actually be full height windows to deliver a garage door that looks similar to a bi-fold door.

A window on unique garage door designs

Overhead sectional doors or one-piece up and over garage doors can also feature windows in many positions, including arranged down one side or in the centre of the door.

Coach house style doors can feature windows in the top half of the door with a height that suits aesthetic goals. These – as well as any other types of windows – can incorporate obscure glass to allow light transmission without being able to see in.

For more ideas and advice on creating a garage door with windows, and the materials available, visit www.rundum.co.uk.