The increase in the number of showers in UK homes, coupled with the decrease in floor space within them, calls for bespoke shower solutions that create a minimal, high end finish.

Creating bespoke shower solutions

The increase in the number of showers in UK homes, coupled with the decrease in floor space within them, calls for bespoke solutions that create a minimal, high end finish. Simon Boocock, CRL Managing Director, looks at the advantages.

The bathroom has become one of the most important rooms in the home, but that doesn’t mean the space itself is getting bigger. In fact, as we add second and third bathrooms into our homes to accommodate all the family, such spaces are often created from awkward corners or under the eaves.

Creating bespoke shower solutions

The smaller the bathroom, the more space we seem to crave, with wetroom style shower areas and walk-in enclosures with frameless glass being increasingly popular options. Walk-in showers certainly have their benefits, particularly for accessibility and making good use of the space you have available. But as the trend for this look intensifies, so does the potential for errors in the design and fitting of such spaces.

This is particularly the case when walk-in shower areas are created in awkwardly shaped rooms. In such situations a standard, straight out of the box glass frame and surfaces may not be ideal, as there will be difficulty in getting it to fit flush within the space, running the danger of water leaking, etc.

Surfaces are equally as important. Whether the shower is to be enclosed or open plan in style, the walls need to be watertight. Again, a bespoke solution, with the surface cut to a perfect fit will ensure the whole look is seamless. In fact, opting for a tailor-made solution, where the wall and floor surfaces and glassware are accurately cut to the right size on site gives the freedom to create a design that fits any style, shape, and size of bathroom.

Shower that are tailor-made to fit

Opting for a bespoke shower solution, with glassware and wall surfaces perfectly cut to size to fit the space is really the best way to create a seamless finish. By using a single manufacturer for the glass, surfaces, and shower hardware, it is possible to create a high-end look that is tailored to the setting, practically and in terms of style.

Creating bespoke shower solutions

The good news is that bespoke doesn’t need to be complex and with CRL there is no need to stick to a boxed solution that isn’t necessarily right for the space. For streamlined, hotel-inspired design in any bathroom, this bespoke solution encompasses the key elements of the shower area – glass and surfaces – and partners with expert fabricators to ensure they can be precision cut to exactly the right size and shape.

Designed for the perfect fit whether in the family bathroom, or as part of an en-suite extension in an existing master bedroom, CRL bespoke showers are ideal when working with awkward shapes and sizes in rooms such as in corners and under eaves.

Highly durable and simple to care for, Ceralsio ceramic and Inalco MDi from CRL Stone is the perfect wall and floor surface solution for the shower area. In a large slab format that can be perfectly cut to size at the same time as the glass, with no grout lines creating a super-stylish and ultra hardwearing floor to ceiling wall surface. In fact, the material is ideal for the bathroom, being water resistant, heat, scratch, and stain resistant and non-porous.

The finishing touches

While a frameless glass screen is an elegant, minimal addition that avoids water reaching beyond the desired shower area, shower hardware offers the chance to inject some personality into the finished space. CRL can accommodate any design for all projects and all spaces, with popular finishes including Chrome, Antique Brass, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black and Polished Copper all available to ensure you really are showering in luxury in your new wetroom.

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