How outdoor power can be both heritage and sustainable...

How outdoor power can be both heritage and sustainable…

Most of us in the UK visit heritage sites and support them within the community. Heritage sites as a whole contribute to our knowledge, wellbeing and health.

Pop Up Power Supplies have been working with such sites for many years. Our heritage makes a contribution to the UK’s GDP, particularly boosting overseas tourism, but also providing a ‘special’ feel to an area. These sites are attractive places to live, work and visit.

‘People typically gain more value from a site than it costs them to visit, and the total value generated by a site can be considerably greater than the cost of its upkeep’

UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) was established to preserve and protect these important and special sites and an international treaty was created in 1972 at the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, seeking to protect World Heritage Sites.

Pop Up Power Supplies have a range of service units that provide electricity for such areas. Pop Up Power Supplies provides a reliable and consistent power source that allows important and special sites to be preserved. There are three main units in the range – pop up units, power bollards and in-ground, all of which provide a range of outdoor power.

Each unit is available with a range of configurations, as well as bespoke in-ground power units or pop up units with recessed tops that can accommodate different forms of surface material such as paving, grass and unusual materials.

The adaptability of the Retractable Telescopic Feeder Pillars make them highly adaptable, therefore suitable for all outdoor environments especially those of sensitive nature.

Most importantly, the “Pop Up” ability of the units improves the quality of the area. The retractable units are space saving and mitigate the need for generators, which are polluting, noisey and unsuitable for areas with many visitors.

How outdoor power can be both heritage and sustainable...

Pop Up Power Units provide an outdoor power supply for many heritage sites throughout the UK, including Chiswick House (shown above). Chiswick House is a fantastic example of 18th-century British architecture and a popular tourist attraction. Set in glorious historic gardens, the Heritage Site underwent a £12 million restoration project in 2010, which Pop Up Power Supplies were pleased to be part of.

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