Coloured lime mortars offer design flexibility

Coloured lime mortars offer design flexibility

When it comes to building materials, lime is often regarded as one of the most versatile options available. Lime’s historical significance in construction spans centuries and its unique properties make it a go-to choice for architects and builders.

Lime mortars are known for their durability, aesthetic appeal and eco-friendliness. However, one common misconception is that lime mortar mixes are only available in a bland beige colour, but lime mortars can be as colourful as your imagination allows.

This is where EcoRight comes in, offering architects and builders a palette of over 20 earth-tone colours, as well as the ability to create bespoke shades. These coloured lime mortars are a game-changer, offering unmatched design flexibility and bringing new dimension to architectural projects.

Are you ready to elevate your architectural designs with the vibrant possibilities of coloured lime mortar mix? Break free from the beige misconception and unlock a world of creative potential. 

Contact Ecoright to explore over 20 earth-tone colours that shine through in every mortar joint. 


Coloured lime mortars offer design flexibility

EcoRight specialises in providing high-quality building products and plays a significant role in specifying building materials such as bricks, timber and roofing. EcoRight offers architects a vibrant spectrum of colours to choose from, providing endless possibilities for creative architectural designs.

By offering over 20 earth-tone colours as standard, EcoRight ensures that architects can find the perfect shade to match or complement their choice of brick or stonework.


Coloured lime mortars offer design flexibility
Standard Colour Options

EcoRight’s colour range is designed to cater to the diverse preferences of architects. The standard colour options includes:

  • Natural Colours: Including the Caversham blend.
  • Greys & Blacks: A selection of cool and neutral tones.
  • Earth Tones Browns: A warm and earthy colour palette.
  • Earth Tones Reds: Adding a touch of red to your design.
  • Period Mortars: Classic colours inspired by different architectural periods.

In addition to these standard options, EcoRight is also capable of creating bespoke colours to meet specific architectural requirements. This flexibility is a game-changer, as many standard options no longer limit architects. Instead, they can tailor their mortar to their project’s unique vision.


Coloured Mortars

The coloured mortars offered by EcoRight are produced at their Reading manufacturing facility, using a combination of high-quality ingredients.

These ingredients include natural hydraulic lime, calcium lime, 4mm sharp pit sand and iron oxide pigments in granular form.

This choice of materials ensures the following benefits in lime mortar:

  1. Excellent Pigment Dispersion: The pigments are evenly distributed throughout the mortar, ensuring consistent colouring.
  1. Uniform Through Colour: The mortar maintains its colour throughout its use.
  1. UV Stable Fade-Resistant Colour: The colours resist fading due to UV exposure.
  1. 37 Colours Currently Available: A wide range of options to choose from.


Coloured lime mortars offer design flexibility

EcoRight’s range includes an extensive selection of natural shades, greys and blacks, earth tones in both browns and reds, as well as period mortars, each designed to complement your architectural vision.

Architects and builders now have an impressive palette of coloured lime mortars to choose from such as:

Coloured lime mortars offer design flexibility


EcoRight offers a range of variants to ensure that your architectural project gets the right mortar for the job. Whether it’s standard brickwork, high-exposure projects, or specialised applications, there’s a mortar solution for you.

Coloured lime mortars offer design flexibility


EcoRight also offers fine joint “Ashlar” mortars in a range of sophisticated colours to suit your project’s specific needs.

These diverse mortar mix options cater to a wide range of architectural needs, ensuring that your project has the perfect mortar to match your design vision.


Coloured lime mortars can be used in various architectural contexts, ranging from contemporary designs to historic and heritage buildings. This versatility is a testament to the flexibility coloured lime mortars bring to architectural projects.


EcoRight also offers speciality lime mortar mixes designed for specific environments, including those for marine applications, such as Marine Chalk and Marine Grey. These speciality mortars are made to order, ensuring that they meet the unique requirements of projects located in challenging environments.


To achieve the desired colour consistency, it is recommended to follow a few best practices. The colour of the finished mortar mix can be affected by factors such as water content, surface finish (tooled or brushed), weather conditions, curing regime and workmanship.

To mitigate these variables, EcoRight provides sample prism sticks to give an indication of the finished mortar colour. These samples are produced in its manufacturing facility and cured under ideal conditions.

Architects are encouraged to create sample panels before committing to a final colour choice. Moreover, to obtain colour consistency for natural products, it is advisable to order products at a single point in time whenever feasible.


To better understand the power of coloured lime mortars, let’s take a look at a couple of case studies where EcoRight’s products have been used to enhance architectural designs.

Tombola Case Study: In the Tombola case study, EcoRight matched the mortar to the brickwork, resulting in a contemporary design that seamlessly blended the two elements. This example demonstrates how coloured lime mortars can be used to enhance the overall look and feel of a building, turning it into a work of art.

Chelsea Barracks Case Study: In this case, EcoRight’s coloured mortar was used to refurbish a historic building. Once again, the mortar was matched to the brickwork, highlighting how this approach can be used in projects involving heritage structures. The result was a perfect blend of history and modern design.

Wrapping up, coloured lime mortars are a game-changer in the world of architecture and construction.

EcoRight’s extensive range of colours and the ability to create bespoke shades have opened up new design possibilities for architects.

With the ability to match mortar mix to brickwork and the availability of specialty mortars, EcoRight truly expands the horizon for architectural design.

Enhance your architectural projects with Coloured Lime Mortars. Discover the endless design possibilities they bring and take the first step towards sustainable architecture.

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