All hands on deck

All hands on deck!

Canal boating holidays in the UK are gaining in popularity. There are a whopping 35,000 canal boats on our waterways which exceeds that of the Industrial Revolution! The canal boat hire industry is worth a huge £33 million to our economy and Pop Up Power can provide a comprehensive range of power bollards to make your cruise a simple one!

Surprisingly approximately 352,000 people go canal boating each year, there are over 4,000 miles of canals and rivers to explore. Our waterways are a haven for wildlife and a gentle cruise through the rural landscape of the UK is appealing. With the new environmental initiatives on the horizon we will also see the phasing out of polluting diesel engines in the years to come. Canal boats remain one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport however electric narrow boats have many environmental benefits over traditional engines. Zero emissions of course, coupled with a silent peaceful cruising experience, slow speed manoeuvrability and of course the lack of engine smells!

To assist in this shift to electric, Pop Up Power Supplies® offers a range of power bollards that are suitable for use alongside canals and waterways. Each bollard provides a reliable and efficient power supply. The stainless steel bollards are practical in their use, stylish to enhance the canal and surrounding area but also practical and safe. Each stainless steel bollard can provide between 220 and 400 volts with 125A of power. Additional equipment is also available, and each bollard can be configured to suit a particular project or waterway site.

Pop Up Power Supplies have a range of service units that provide electricity for many outdoor settings such as canals, marinas, moorings and more.

Pop Up Power Supplies® power bollards are available in three standard diameters – 250mm, 325mm and 500mm. They can also be painted in any RAL colours to suit the location and four styles of tops are available – the Parc Paris, Domed top, Sloping and Button top. These high quality units from Pop Up Power Supplies® are already installed in numerous locations throughout the UK, demonstrating their effectiveness at providing reliable and safe power to inland waterways. The company also provides a range of retractable service units and in-ground power units which can be configured to meet the requirements of bespoke outdoor spaces to offer on-demand electricity.

All hands on deck!

There are three main units in the range – pop up units, power bollards and in-ground, all of which provide a range of outdoor power. Each unit is available with a range of configurations, as well as bespoke in-ground power units or pop up units with recessed tops that can accommodate different forms of surface material such as grass. Pop Up Power Supplies® would love to specify their pop up power units to help launch your canal boat experience.

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