Unified Water Label Association launches manifesto in Water Saving Week

Unified Water Label Association launches manifesto in Water Saving Week

The Unified Water Label Association has launched a manifesto to mark Water Saving Week, (13-17 May).

The manifesto outlines its aims, illustrating how the Unified Water Label is driving forward change, and supporting government objectives to use water efficiently.

A positioning paper supports the manifesto with evidence on how the Unified Water Label has already influenced market transition, and its position as a trusted smart tool within the KBB sector.

Unified Water Label Association launches manifesto in Water Saving Week

UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill says,

“Demand on water systems is increasing as the population grows and if we are to make positive and meaningful changes then we must address the misunderstanding and misinformation in the market place. Our manifesto sets out the huge steps forward and positive actions taken by the KBB industry, and the role that the Unified Water Label has played.

“The Unified Water Label has been developed by industry for industry, and is well liked by consumers. It is a simple, credible, effective labelling scheme for water using bathroom products and kitchen taps, which is gaining visibility every day.

“The Unified Water Label is recognised by international standards such as ISO31600, and presents governments with a market ready solution, that negates the need to develop another label, at great expense, that would not be harmonious across Europe.

“The UWLA website also hosts a Water Calculator, which is used by 10,000 architects on over 500,000 projects over the last 10 years.

“Our commitment to a focused communication and education programme to influence understanding and change consumer behaviour, also sets the Unified Water Label apart.  Products alone cannot change hearts and minds and restricting choice could have the opposite impact on water efficiency.

“We will be using this manifesto to support our lobbying programme, working with all parties to achieve our common aim of reducing water and energy consumption, for the benefit of the planet.”

The manifesto and positioning paper can be found here: https://uwla.eu/

More information is available from the UWLA website