Vent-Axia’s PureAir Home PIV Provides the Perfect Solution to Condensation and Mould

Vent-Axia’s PureAir Home PIV Provides the Perfect Solution to Condensation and Mould

Leading British ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia has solved the problem of condensation and mould in a 1930s home in St Helens, Merseyside, with its PureAir Home Positive Input Ventilation unit (PIV).

Rob Ford, a YouTuber who specialises in instructional DIY videos, is refurbishing a four-bedroom, double-fronted house with two large bay windows. It was almost derelict when he bought the house seven years ago and needed a new roof, new rendering, new central heating, rewiring, and every room taken back and replastered. The refurbishment was going well however when last winter’s gas price rises went up, Rob reduced the house’s heating. As a result, the house first had a problem with condensation and then black mould. The addition of cavity and roof insulation then made it worse because of a lack of ventilation.

The condensation was particularly severe on the home’s landing window, but it was also bad on the windows in all four bedrooms too. To tackle the issue Rob bought a window vacuum and although this removed the condensation in the morning it did not prevent the condensation and mould from returning every day. He therefore undertook research to find an answer to his condensation problem and discovered that PIV was an ideal ventilation solution, plus a number of his followers on social media also recommended PIV, leading Rob to install the Vent-Axia PureAir Home PIV with integral heater in his loft which soon began to tackle the condensation.

“Our windows used to be completely filled with water, but after installing the Vent-Axia PureAir Home PIV the condensation has gone. After a while I wondered whether the condensation had disappeared just because the weather was warmer so I turned the unit off for a week and guess what? – the condensation came back. I turned the unit back on and it disappeared again so I’m pretty sure it’s working fantastically well,” said Rob.

“As for noise, once we fitted it and we closed the loft hatch up we haven’t noticed any noise coming from the unit. I’ve spoken to a couple of people who also had them fitted and they said the condensation has disappeared, so I think it’s safe to say PIV is the solution to condensation and mould.”

Simple to install, air is drawn into the PureAir Home unit via the loft from outside and incoming air is filtered via the high-grade ISO ePM10 (G4) or optional upgrade ePM2.5 (F7) filters, removing nasty contaminates before gently introducing it into the habitable areas of the property. The diffuser directs the airflow upwards where the incoming air mixes with the warm air that gathers at ceiling height. The airflow can be adjusted to meet the needs of a property.

Vent-Axia’s PureAir Home PIV Provides the Perfect Solution to Condensation and Mould

The PureAir Home PIV offers whole house air purification and humidity control. Designed to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and prevent moisture build-up, the PureAir Home offers a highly effective solution to control condensation and mould, as well as offering high levels of air filtration. The PureAir Home reduces the risk of health issues in the home by improving IAQ and quickly eradicating conditions that lead to mould growth and associated health issues, such as asthma and itchy skin. Providing filtered, tempered air (heater model only) into the home, that is drier than the inside air, the PureAir Home creates an indoor environment where condensation and mould find it hard to exist, benefiting occupants and avoiding the damaging effects on the building.

Boasting quick and simple installation the PIV unit is highly energy efficient, unobtrusive, near silent and helps provide a healthy environment. The unit will continuously ventilate silently in the background whilst in ‘Trickle’ mode. Once the unit automatically senses excess heat being lost into the loft the airflow will increase to ‘Energy Recovery’ mode to recover heat that would otherwise be lost through the roof.

Rob Ford is a cabinet maker, qualified joiner, DIY expert and YouTuber. Rob started making instructional DIY videos of his home’s refurbishment when he worked in a college and the students encouraged him to make them.

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