Planning Portal launches Sustainability and Planning Hub

Planning Portal launches Sustainability and Planning Hub

Planning Portal, operated by TerraQuest, has launched a dedicated sustainability portal to help homeowners and developers incorporate eco-friendly practices into their projects and applications.

The latest addition to the Planning Portal website offers individuals and businesses practical and user-friendly green advice on topics including complying with current legislation and applying for grants.

The free guides span subjects including:

  • Funding guidance: A comprehensive walk-through of all the funding which is currently available from the UK government to assist with sustainable planning and building measures, including grants to support small projects such as the Green Deal, Boiler Upgrade Scheme, and Home Upgrade Grant.
  • Legislation guides: Detailed information on evolving issues such as Biodiversity Net Gain and Nutrient Neutrality, helping developers and applicants navigate regulatory changes. These guides summarise updates, clarify affected parties, and provide links to essential legislation and further resources.
  • Project advice: Explanation of planning rules and permitted development limits with a renewed focus on sustainability, as well as detailed guidance on practical sustainability considerations for all kinds of projects.
  • Key concepts explained: Detailed guidance around key sustainability concepts relevant for planning and building, such as retrofitting and embodied carbon.
  • Energy saving: Tips on energy saving and home energy generation.

Beyond the environmental benefits of the new resources, they are designed to help applicants submit valid planning applications that meet the required environmental standards. The site is continuously updated alongside legislative changes or new information to ensure that the tool is accurate for all users.

Geoff Keal, CEO at TerraQuest explained:

“As the providers of the service which forms the foundation of all planning and building in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices where possible. Eco-friendly methods are a significant part of the planning process to ensure that the work completed does not severely impact the environment. Users can now access clear information about how they can lower the negative impact of their projects and ensure that they are compliant with the current laws on the matter.”

Planning Portal launches Sustainability and Planning Hub

This latest addition to the website follows the announcement of the new Building Control Portal where users can access all their planning and building control applications with a single sign-in. The new site has a variety of benefits for local authorities, housing providers and homeowners who can now access a more streamlined process.

Geoff continued:

“Through this latest addition to the Planning Portal website, we hope that contractors and private individuals can access all the information they need to lower the environmental impact of their project. Further awareness and incorporating these methods will help decrease the amount of carbon released through the construction industry and hopefully lead to a more sustainable future.”

The new resources are aimed at anyone looking to create and submit a planning application all the way from private homeowners hoping to build on their property all the way to developers hoping to create a new housing complex.

To access the Sustainability and Planning Hub, please visit: