Offsite construction company Remagin is putting Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) front and centre stage at the forthcoming Housing 2024 exhibition.

Embracing innovation to drive high-quality housing

Offsite construction company Remagin is putting Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) front and centre stage at the forthcoming Housing 2024 exhibition.

Remagin, part of global building materials company Etex Group, is exhibiting at Housing 2024, at Manchester Central, this June 25-27.

The UK-based company provides industry leading, lightweight, factory-assembled panels and associated services, all based on sustainable, light gauge steel framing (LGSF) to the housebuilding and construction sector.

Scott Bibby, country manager Ireland and UK, explained:

“As the UK grapples with an escalating housing crisis, innovative construction methods are coming to the forefront to meet the demand for affordable, high-quality homes. Offsite construction and, in particular, Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF), are proving to be game-changers in the sector.

“One of the most compelling benefits of offsite construction using LGSF is the significant reduction in build time. Components are manufactured in a controlled factory environment, minimising the delays caused by adverse weather conditions and other onsite challenges

“This speed not only accelerates housing delivery but also reduces labour costs, a critical factor in addressing the housing shortage.”

Bibby adds, factory-controlled production of LGSF components ensures a high degree of accuracy and consistency that is difficult to achieve with traditional building methods. This precision translates to better quality control, fewer defects, and higher overall standards of construction. Homebuyers benefit from improved durability and performance, which reduces long-term maintenance costs and enhances the value of the property.

Further benefits to the housebuilding sector include:

·       Sustainability and Environmental Impact

·       Cost-Effectiveness

·       Design Flexibility

·       Enhanced Safety

Remagin has a proven record of delivering modern, high-quality schemes for housebuilders and those operating across the social care and sheltered accommodation sectors.

In March this year, Remagin started on site for a new three-storey, 85-bed care home for Montpelier Estates, Trafford, Manchester. Working with Rowlinsons Construction on its first LGSF scheme, Remagin will install fully-fitted panelised system, complete with factory-fitted windows, EPDM, insulation, cavity trays, brick tie channel and fire barrier, massively reducing the overall construction programme.

Earlier this year Remagin completed 100 specialist independent living apartments for Vistry partnerships, three weeks ahead of schedule using its in-house capabilities to design, manufacture and erect its LGSF system.

Tim Hough, senior project manager at Vistry Partnership now says:

“Having not worked with LGSF before, I was sceptical about the benefits of using it. With the frame now completed it has changed my opinion completely and would highly recommend this MMC, in particular where floor plates repeat.”

Scott Bibby adds:

“The benefits of MMC and LGSF in terms of speed, quality, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, design flexibility, and safety make them an attractive option for addressing the country’s pressing housing needs. Embracing these innovative methods could well be the key to unlocking a new era of efficient, sustainable, and high-quality housing in the UK.”

MMC project examples and specialist will be on hand at Housing 2024 – visit stand C40

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