Broadnook Garden Village Promises New Home Buyers a Breath of Fresh Air as Developers Commit to Supporting Better Air Quality

Broadnook Garden Village Promises New Home Buyers a Breath of Fresh Air as Developers Commit to Supporting Better Air Quality

Broadnook Garden Village – Leicestershire’s newest purpose-built community – is looking forward to new residents being able to take a deep breath and enjoy the range of initiatives that will be in place to improve the air quality for its new home owners, including:

  • More than 50% (fifty per cent) open green spaces
  • 500 trees planted with thousands more to come in almost 12 hectares of land designated to woodland planting
  • £750,000 investment into local bus services
  • Modern, more efficient homes with solar panels and electric vehicle charging points as standard
  • Car-free pedestrianised zones
  • Planned allotment spaces

Broadnook Garden Village Promises New Home Buyers a Breath of Fresh Air as Developers Commit to Supporting Better Air Quality

Green space and tree planting for cleaner air

Broadnook Garden Village is designed with nature in mind. More than 50 per cent of the total development will be open green spaces, providing residents with ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

More than 500 trees have already been planted throughout the village with thousands more to come on 11.982 hectares of land that has been designated for woodland planting, actively increasing the tree population in the local area. These trees play a crucial role in pollutant and carbon capture, helping new residents to breathe easier as they pull pollution out of the air.

While the air quality for Charnwood and Broadnook’s local area is traditionally good, Broadnook Garden Village is committed to helping ensure it remains at healthy levels. Air quality data recorded in 2022 by Defra suggests that Charnwood meets recommended levels, but there is still room for improvement with some Charnwood areas exceeding healthy WHO guidelines for pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide.*

By planting trees and creating open green spaces, Broadnook and its developers aim to maintain and even improve this air quality, which is essential for health and well-being. Lower pollutant levels can reduce the risk of respiratory diseases and enhance overall quality of life.

Iain Pickering, Design Director for Davidsons Homes said:

“Our commitment to creating a sustainable and healthy living environment is at the core of Broadnook Garden Village. By dedicating half of our space to greenery, establishing car-free zones, investing in bus services and planting a substantial number of trees, we are making strides towards a cleaner and healthier future for our residents.

“New homes at Broadnook will meet higher modern standards for emissions and sustainability too, helping to make the village a beautiful place to live inside and out.”

Steve Kelly, Director of Growth Marketing at Cora Homes said:

“Healthy living is at the heart – or should that be lungs – of Broadnook Garden Village. We’re committed to providing access to five times more than the national average of green, healthy spaces where residents of Broadnook – and the surrounding Charnwood villages – can relax and take a breather in nature.  When complete, Broadnook will be the greenest of all the Charnwood villages.  As well as wild-flower meadows, Broadnook will benefit from purpose-built sports playing fields, and even allotments, as part of our commitment to the Garden Village way of life.”

Investment into bus services and car-free zones

Broadnook Garden Village will encourage residents to ditch the car in favour of the bicycle or bus, promoting a healthier lifestyle and reducing pollutants entering the air locally.

To reinforce this, Broadnook’s developers are investing £750,000 into local bus services that will help to make local transport hubs easier and more accessible without the need of a car.

Broadnook will also feature a car-free central walk that will offer residents a break from traffic, contributing to better air quality and a more peaceful living environment. Cycle and walking routes lined with trees and Broadnook Park are also integrated into the community layout, making getting around easier by foot or bicycle.

Residents of Broadnook will have easy access to local walks and cycle trails in Charnwood, allowing them to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy the countryside air.

Reduced carbon emissions from new homes

Broadnook Garden Village is also committed to reducing carbon emissions in its homes. Developers at Broadnook are dedicated to supporting the air quality for its residents and promoting lung health through its innovative design and better building practices with properties being designed to meet – and exceed – higher modern standards for emissions and sustainability with discreet solar panels and electric vehicle charging points fitted as standard.

Each new build home at Broadnook will, on average, reduce carbon emissions by 2.2 tonnes compared to non-new build house. This significant reduction demonstrates Broadnook and its developers’ dedication to sustainable living and environmental responsibility in all aspects of village construction.

The vision of Broadnook Garden Village is being brought to life by Davidsons Homes, Cora and Bovis Homes, with the first residents expected to move in this autumn who can look forward to experiencing the benefits of cleaner air, serene surroundings and a community designed with health and reduced emissions in mind.

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