Zinc cladding and roofing

Over the centuries, zinc has proven to be a reliable, durable, corrosion-resistant and attractive metal for use in roofing and cladding. In this article, Marta Danylenko, marketing manager at materials search engine Matmatch explains the history, applications and

The Principles of Green Roof Maintenance

Sedum Roof Staffordshire

Riefa supplied a sedum roof to a new garden office in Staffordshire. The installation is almost text book in that the flat roof has a perfect pitch for minimal drainage , the parapets are the perfect

Engineering a Solution

Engineering a Solution

Facing the Challenge Modern specifiers have to contend with a variety of challenges when upgrading rooftop plant in existing buildings or planning out plant for new build projects. Increasingly congested rooftops in cities, not to


Roof-Walk for fragile roofs

A fully guarded rolling work platform mounted on twin tracks to enable you to move up and down the roof. Protection for Fragile Roofs Designed to overcome the challenges with working on fragile roofs, and provide

hard hat

The importance of head protection

Head protection is required across every aspect of construction, especially in places where there is a risk of being injured by falling objects, collapsing structures, protruding extensions, or when working in areas of restricted headspace.

Portable edge protection

Edge protection for solar panel maintenance

Portable, Non-Counterweighted Edge Protection Safesite has installed KeeGuard® Premium at Hall & Woodhouse’s contemporary pub & restaurant in Portishead to allow safe maintenance of solar panels and plant installed on the roof. Hall & Woodhouse is a family owned company